Madonna Brings Down The House In New York City With Help From Amy Schumer

New York City is where Madonna’s career was started. On Wednesday evening, she played to a full house at Madison Square Garden, and the response from critics and fans was overwhelmingly positive, with even non-fans (perhaps forced to go to the show with spouses) singing Madonna’s praises. Billboard’s Joe Lynch gave the show four stars.

“Nostalgia aside, Madonna’s restless creative spirit is on full display on the Rebel Heart Tour. Refusing to coast by playing faithful, familiar live renditions of her hits, Madge recast a number of her classics in different musical molds, with mostly positive results.”

Like other reviewers, Lynch noted that Madonna seems a lot more human on this tour and even kissed a fan who saw the Virgin Tour back in 1985. Lynch also gave praises to opening act Amy Schumer.

“Schumer, incidentally, killed her opening set. Repeatedly mocking the flowering falsehood that it’s a new Golden Era for women in Hollywood while still making jokes about the First Lady taking a hot load, Schumer’s ability to pivot between the bawdy and the incisive proved the perfect fit for a Madonna opener.”

Bradley Stern from PopCrush also praised Amy Schumer, but even had more praise for Madonna.

“The seasoned superstar never faltered throughout the night, effortlessly cycling through intricate hand fan choreography with ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ to voguing her way through ‘Living For Love’ to delivering yet another stunning rendition of ‘La vie en rose’ all by herself with a tiny guitar, proving for the umpteenth time why the crown lays firmly on her head.”

The response on Twitter was overwhelmingly positive.

“@amyschumer @Madonna amazing evening ladies! #beastsofentertainment,” tweeted Heather Harper.

“Madonnakilledit in MSG! Everyone went and watched her show! #queen, “tweeted Costas Bradshaw.

Fans also shared a video of Madonna singing her 1987 hit “Who’s That Girl,” which the audience lit up the place for.


While the show is receiving universal praise from fans and critics, there are some fans upset that Madonna doesn’t sing some of her biggest hits, such as “Like a Prayer,” “Borderline,” or “Ray of Light.” However, with over 50 hit singles since 1983, Madonna may have simply too much to choose from. Perhaps she’ll go on a greatest hits tour in the near future. But judging from the response to her current tour, Madonna is still every bit part of the present.

[Photo by Kevin Mazur / Getty Images Entertainment]