Neighborhood Terrified And Tormented By Woman Who Lives In A ‘House Of Horrors’ [Video]

Neighbors describe the home of a mentally ill and dangerous woman a house of horrors. Members of the small Brooksville, Florida, community say the home is so bizarre they are speechless.

According to WFLA‘s coverage of this story, the locals say they are truly worried about Nickole Dykema. They say the woman always acted strangely.

Paul Spisok offered a brief comment about the 47-year-old.

“We knew something was wrong over there but couldn’t figure it out.”

Residents who live next door to Nickole said when her mother remarried and moved out of the mobile home, Nickole suffered a nervous breakdown, adding she only left her mobile home to vandalize others.

Investigators said, Nickole violated probation and when the probation officers went to serve her an arrest warrant they discovered more than 3,500 knives, blades, and swords, a satanic-like shrine, fake bloody body parts, and chicken bones in the home.

To make matters worse, the mobile home smelled rotten and rancid, with human waste scattered everywhere. This particular house of horrors had no running water, plumbing, or electricity.

Neighbor Dorothy Clagg spoke with WTSP about living next to Dykema’s house of horrors.

“I was just petrified all the time. She had a habit of banging on the inside of her house all the time on the walls, and screaming and hollering. I never saw anyone come over there to check on her.”

Another neighbor, Fuzz Spisok, added how much the neighborhood feared the woman.

“Everyone in this neighborhood was scared of that woman — everyone around here. How did she get all of those knives?”

Bay News 9 reports Hernando County deputies stopped by Dykema’s house of horrors just before 10 p.m. on Tuesday to assist probation officers in serving arrest warrants. However, they said it was difficult getting her into custody.

Sheriff Al Nienhius said Dykema swung a large sword at a sergeant’s heads, missing it by inches. Deputies then fired a few rounds of beanbags at Nickole, using a shotgun.

Even so, Sheriff Nienhius said Dykema continued to resist arrest and managed to arm herself with more knives.

Finally, after nearly five hours of negotiating, deputies were able to get close enough to use a stun gun on Nickole and placed her under arrest

Sheriff Nienhius claimed the arrest was somewhat of a miracle.

“It’s a miraculous thing. It’s by the grace of God that everyone went home safe last night.”

Investigators said Nickole Dykema was arrested on weapons charges in 2014 and neighbors have filed complaints against her.

Paula DeFord lives next door with her elderly parents. DeFord said in August, Dykema cut her screen window with a knife. As recently as last week, Dykema also cut DeFord’s cable lines. DeFord said she was able to capture Dykema’s vandalism on surveillance video, which she turned over to the sheriff’s office.

“Scared to death. Scared to death! I knew that she carried knives because I heard the rumor mill around here. But the magnitude that I’ve seen coming out of the house today – I’m thankful that my family and I are alive.”

Neighbors said now they’ll be able to sleep peacefully, knowing Dykema is behind bars without bond.

DeFord said she’s thankful the house of horrors nightmare may have ended.

“It’s been a nightmare. And I’m so thankful that my nightmare is hopefully over and that my parents are safe.”

[Featured image via HCSO]