Hot Guy Behind Jake Tapper Wins GOP Republican Debate

The second GOP debate took place on Wednesday night. And while Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and the others tried their best to come out on top during the discussions, there was one clear winner: the hot guy sitting behind Jake Tapper.

The unknown man managed to eclipse the 11 candidates, who were yelling over each other to make themselves heard, just with a gaze.

And as the debate continued, the man started to trend across the world wide web, with users celebrating just how good looking the man was.

Anyone else intrigued by the hot guy on the side of the moderator? Too bad he’s a republican…hot though 😳😳😂🙊 #republicandebate — Alejandra Gonzalez (@alegonza92) September 17, 2015

shoutout to the guy behind jake tapper, ur the only reason i havent thrown my tv out the window. i luv u.

— olivia (@outriight) September 17, 2015

The guy sitting behind jake tapper with the thick eyebrows is really hot tbh — Nick Garcia (@PrimitiveNick) September 17, 2015

But the aforementioned man’s presence wasn’t the only reason why internet users were mentioning the heat. Because some of them noticed that the arena looked a little too hot for the candidates too, as many of them were spotted sweating profusely.

[Image via Twitter/@sbstryker]