Tennessee Pastor Greg Locke Encourages Kids To ‘Fail History’: Wait Till You Hear His Reason

Greg Locke, a Tennessee pastor, is taking a stand against Islam, he says, in a bizarre new video in which he encourages parents that go to his church to “tell their kids to take the ‘F.'”

Referring to a class at West Wilson Middle School in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, Locke pointed out that Christianity got a “half-page” of attention compared to 28 pages of info on the Islamic faith.

He called it “Islamic indoctrination.”

“Somebody needs to stand up and say this,” he says in the video posted below. “We have a number of our families and our church upset and up in arms over this new Islamic indoctrination in our public school system. Half a page of watered-down Christianity, 28 pages of Islam and Muhammad.”

He continued, “And now, there’s 28 pages that they have to learn about Islam and Mohammed and how it all came about and about the Holy Koran and the Five Pillars of Islam and how they pray and when they pray and where they pray and why they pray and about pilgrimages and all of this, and then they say, ‘Allah is the only God.'”

Greg Locke then warned his followers that the school would “try to get around it” by stating that “Allah is just the Arabic word for God, and both Christianity and Islam and Jews all serve the same God.”

“Let me tell you something, that’s a bunch of bunk. We do not serve the same God. And there has been an absolute Islamic invasion and indoctrination of our kids.”

The Tennessee pastor was also infuriated that the test West Wilson Middle School kids were having to take was to be given on Sept. 11.

“You need to tell your kids, ‘Take an F for the class.’ Because I’d rather fail in man’s class and get an A+ in God’s class. And we need to have some kids that have some character that stand up. Because we do not serve the god of the nation of Islam. We do not serve Allah.”

Despite a seeming in-depth knowledge about the contents and circumstances of the test, Locke himself home-schools his children, a fact he readily admits.

Wilson County Schools Director Donna Wright denied that any type of indoctrination or endorsement of any religion was occurring in comments to the Tennessean.

“To imply or state otherwise shows a lack of knowledge about the standards used in our schools,” Wright said, with Wilson County Schools Deputy Director of Academics Monty Wilson adding that different religions, including “Christianity, Judaism, Muslim, Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, and Shinto” are taught in sixth and seventh grade as well as high school.

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[Image of Greg Locke via Facebook]