Elizabeth Olsen Talks About ‘Capt America: Civil War’, ‘Scarlet Witch’ Movie

Elizabeth Olsen, during a recent appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival, took some time out to talk about her upcoming film Captain America: Civil War. Speculation has been rife about the villains, the tone and the content of this new addition to the Marvel Comics Universe, with the Inquisitr and Olsen herself previously being able to confirm some information about who the principle villains might be. Elizabeth, while promoting her film I Saw the Light with Tom Hiddleston, told Collider that the new Captain America was “darker” and “fun”.

Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron, was enthusiastic about her role in Captain America, pointing to a challenging, if brief, shoot and emphasising the point that the new movie, which picks up straight from Age of Ultron, was all about human and super-human villains.

“There’s nothing scarier than something that’s like you being dangerous, so I think it’s darker and it’s fun. It’s really fun—it was so hard to shoot, but I think it’s gonna be a really interesting film.”

Each instalment of the Marvel franchise generally has its own unique atmosphere, so it’s revealing that Olsen uses the word “dark” to describe this particular one. Of course, Elizabeth can’t reveal too much about the new film, not least because she herself doesn’t appear to know that much about it. In her interview with Collider, Olsen herself admitted to being tantalised by the mysterious plot lines within the film, and indicated that she was deeply curious to see “how they’ll end it”.

When Business Insider asked Elizabeth about a standalone movie covering her character Scarlet Witch, Olsen was less enthusiastic.

“I’m not sure, honestly. I love my character, I just don’t know how that would fit in the whole Marvel universe or if it would even be necessary.”

Many Marvel fans have pointed out that the relative lack of superhero films about women in the franchise and are looking to Olsen, whose character debuted explosively in Age of Ultron, as a possible means to fill that gap. Elizabeth Olsen herself is apparently aware of this, saying that she would be uncomfortable with the the pressure of a “tentpole movie” resting on her shoulders.

Captain America: Civil War will cover a breach within The Avengers, where a conflict forces characters, including Olsen’s, to choose sides between Captain America and Iron Man. Olsen describes her character Scarlet Witch as the “wildcard,” continuing to be “conflicted and confused” about her place in within the superhero group. Captain America: Civil War opens May 16 next year.

[Picture via Getty Images/Alberto E Rodriguez]