Ariana Grande Apologizes On TV For Donut-Licking, Appears On ‘Good Morning America’

Ariana Grande gave her first on-air apology for her behavior at a doughnut shop wherein she licked a doughnut from the counter and said she hated America. Grande’s offensive behavior was captured on video.

On Tuesday, Grande dropped by Good Morning America and settled the issue regarding her conduct at Wolfee Donuts in Riverside County California.

“First of all, my behavior was very offensive and I apologized. There’s no excuse, or there’s nothing to justify it.”

Proving that she has matured since the incident she added, “But I think as human beings, we all say and do things that we don’t mean at all sometimes.”

According to reports, the doughnut shop faced health inspection issues after the video footage of Grande licking doughnuts circulated on the internet.

After the incident, she is now fully aware that one’s words and actions have consequences. Grande went on to say that she has learned from it. She realized “what it feels like to disappoint so many people who love and believe in you, and that’s an excruciating feeling.”

Her wise conclusion: “Think about what you’re about to say and do because it’s important to so many people.”

The “Bang Bang” hit maker had initially apologized for her offensive behavior in a YouTube video she created after the the news regarding the doughnut-licking incident broke out. But her interview with Good Morning America was her first time to give an apology on TV.

The young pop star is moving on after the controversial incident and has been busy with her latest project- her new perfume, Ari by Ariana Grande.

Her perfume is contained in a cute pink crystalline bottle and it comes with a white pom pom. She also released an ad called #BeYou campaign on social media. She said the campaign is all about being yourself and embracing who you are in a world where people are expected to conform to other’s standards. It is aimed at helping people feel confident about themselves.

This would be me trying to escape with that huge bottle of “Ari” #BeYou @ArianaGrande

— TYSM ARIANA (@ArianasBuns26) September 15, 2015

Also this week, Grande said she will be revealing the first single of her new album but she did not give any details about it yet. Plus, the petite singer will be gracing Scream Queens with her presence.

Grande is quite busy these days because aside from Scream Queens, she will be appearing in the TV series Stuck in The Middle as Molly Peters.

[Image by Kevin Winter, Getty Images]