Taylor Swift Can’t Handle Calvin’s Anger As He Takes A Backseat To Her Squad

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are reportedly on the rocks, according to several shocking new reports. Of course, it’s all hearsay and rumors at the moment.

However, Taylor Swift, 25, and Calvin Harris, 31, haven’t been spotted together for some time. It’s been quite a few months since they’ve been seen in paparazzi photos or on Instagram. Swift and Harris haven’t even mentioned each other on social media. That’s probably because the “Wildest Dreams” singer is currently thousands of miles away from her famous boyfriend. Swift has been busy performing on her 1989 World Tour. As for Harris, he’s been keeping a low profile as he performs DJ gigs around the world.

A new report via Life & Style revealed that Taylor Swift’s squad is making Calvin feel left out. He hates that her growing group of female friends is coming between them. Taylor and Calvin were inseparable when they started dating earlier this year, but it looks like the singer’s famous friends are driving a wedge between them.

“Calvin has become increasingly frustrated by Taylor constantly putting her friends before him. He feels like he’s in a relationship with the whole gang. He wants to make it work with Taylor, but he’s made it clear that something needs to change.”

Taylor’s alleged friend told Life & Style that they told the singer that if “Calvin doesn’t understand the importance of her friendships, then she should be the one to dump him.” Ouch!

Meanwhile, Swift is having trouble dealing with her boyfriend’s temper. Fans got a glimpse of his temper when he went off on Zayn Malik on Twitter. Then he went off on fans and the media for “photoshopping fake tweets.” Another source told OK! Magazine that Swift has been taking notice of Calvin Harris’ explosive behavior.

“At first, it was sweet [that he was defending her]. But now Taylor’s told Calvin he needs to calm down and realize that public rants don’t solve issues.”

The report also went on to claim that Taylor’s friends did warn her that dating Calvin would tarnish her good-girl image. Taylor’s been very protective of her image lately, especially as she crossed into pop music. Now it looks like she’s realizing that dating a bad boy isn’t as fun as it seems.

While reports say that Swift and Harris’ relationship is on the rocks, an inside source told the Hollywood Life that their relationship is still going strong. When Swift arrived to her dressing room at the VMAs on Sunday, Aug. 30, she received “four dozen red and pink roses that Calvin sent over.”

Surprisingly, Taylor didn’t share a photo of the alleged bouquets she received from Calvin, like she did when she received flowers from Kanye West.

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ relationship? Do you think the couple is headed for trouble? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Images: Jason Merritt/Getty Images]