Guy Spends One Year Of His Life Texting A Girl To Return His Sunglasses

People always dream of having the perfect first date with someone they have just met. Maybe it’s to a nice coffee shop, maybe it’s a walk in the park, or maybe it is just getting back the items you took with you on your date. For one man, this was most definitely the case. According to Complex, a one-sided text message conversation featured a guy trying to get his sunglasses back, and in a very humorous way.

His name is Alex, and he really loves his sunglasses. He went on a first date with a lady named Anna and asked if he could stash his sunglasses in her purse while they were inside. Apparently, the date did not go off as planned and she decided to leave in the middle of it, with his sunglasses as her unbeknownst hostage. Well, Alex would have none of that because he had found true love, and it wasn’t with her, but with his sunglasses. So he did what any reasonable man would do, and he decided to harass the lady with hilarious texts in order to get his glasses back.

He sent text after text that started pretty mildly and a bit funny.

“Wow! What a bright and sunny day! Can’t find my sunglasses though. Do you still have them? Any chance we could meet up tonight so I can get them back from you?”

He was good about only texting her weekly and would apologize if he missed a week due to anything that may have come up in his life. All through these friendly messages he never heard back.

“So the rain is starting to clear up and it looks like it’s gonna be a bright sunny day. Really wish I had my sunglasses today.”

At some points, he sent funny memes and pictures of himself wearing “new sunglasses” that he had to “buy” because he couldn’t get his beloved ones back. Never once did he hear back from her. That is until a year after he started texting her, the mysterious Anna got in touch with him. She admitted to being a bit confused as to who was texting her, but when she figured it out, she cleared the air. Those precious sunglasses were taken out of her purse and put on top of her fridge in the apartment. A few months later, she moved across the country and had never even known where they ended up. She apologized, and things were left on a friendly note.

[Image via Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images Entertainment]