A $12 McDonald’s Burger Ordered Via New Custom Ordering Screens At Fancy McDonald’s Gets 2.5 Million Views [Video]

The below YouTube video titled “The $12 McDonald’s Burger” has gone viral. Published on September 11, it has received nearly 2.5 million views since that time. The video displays how, at a fancy McDonald’s, one can order a $12 McDonald’s burger without any hassle. The recent invention of a touch screen order process for the $12 McDonald’s burger is housed within an upmarket restaurant chain that is trending. The built-in burger touch screen features premium ingredients, dine-in parks, and fancy customer services that have exceeded well beyond the diners’ wildest expectations. According to the Daily Mail, however, the $25 Mcdonald’s burger has the $12 one beat when 51-year-old Moshe Tamssot used a McDonald’s kiosk to order a whopper of a burger.

When you study how the touch screen machine looks, you will discover that customers can get a whole lot fancier in the new $12 McDonald’s burger ordering process — offering the ability to add three times the cheese and other items. However, if you want to go by an outdated way of ordering you can still order via the usual ordering process. On the trendy McDonald’s touch screen, there are more than 30 ingredients to choose from, which involve a lot of fancy foods like the buns, cheese, grilled pineapple, grilled mushrooms, different types of bacon, a variety of gourmet sources, and a range of other specialty toppings.

The $12 McDonald’s burger came with excellent customer service — and in two baskets. The new ordering process is a welcome development among many; one can have his or her choice handy. The display screen will automatically tally the amount of your order without hassle. The touch screen interface has been made to attract and impress customers with its outstanding features that are easy to navigate and a good visual representation of all the ingredients available. With all these features, the $12 McDonald’s burger might be a common order. The touch screen also includes standard menu items where the customer can place an order without any hassle.

It is important to know that the touch screen has an inbuilt credit card terminal where a customer can pay for what they selected instantly, and then be issued a receipt. Thereafter, the customer will be invited to sit and wait as he or she is served. A $12 McDonald’s burger is a pretty premium priced burger in comparison with its regular menu. The only thing lacking on the touch screen are soft drinks, which are still served in a usual manner.

[Image via YouTube]