Thomas Ravenel Excited About Second Child With Kathryn Dennis, Co-Star Shep Rose Reacts To Baby News And Talks ‘Southern Charm’ Season 3

On Wednesday, Kathryn Dennis, whose turbulent, on-and-off relationship with Thomas Ravenel has been documented on two seasons of Bravo’s Southern Charm, announced that they are expecting their second child together. After the news, Thomas tweeted that he was wrongly quoted in the baby announcement article.

Kathryn confirmed to People that she and Thomas are having a second baby, a boy that’s due in December. Their daughter, Kensington, was born on March 2014.

“I’m just excited about the baby. And I’m happy [our daughter] Kensie will have a friend to play with. It’s nice that they will be so close in age.”

She admitted that the pregnancy was not planned.

“I was surprised. Thomas and I are always on and off, but we had a whirlwind romance that weekend. That’s kind of how we were with the first pregnancy, too. Things were wishy-washy, but we embraced it.”

She also revealed that they’re not exactly in an exclusive, committed romantic relationship at the moment.

“We are friends. We communicate and things are pleasant. “That’s all I can really hope for.”

Thomas was quoted as saying that he’s “doubly blessed” to be expecting a son and that his “cup runneth over.”

“The greatest gift thus far in my life has been the privilege of being a father to my daughter Kensie. Now, with a son on the way, I feel doubly blessed. My cup runneth over.” posted a blog post that covered the baby news. The blog post, which provided more information from Kathryn, included the quote that People attributed to Thomas. Later on Wednesday, Thomas tweeted that he’s disappointed that Bravo wrongly attributed the Bible verse to him. “My cup runneth over” is from Psalm 23:5.


It seems, however, in his since-deleted tweet that Ravenel was simply taking issue with the quote not being properly attributed as a bible verse within the context of his original quote in the People story. Kathryn assured Bravo that Thomas is indeed excited about the second child.

“Thomas is still soaking in the news and trying to make his changes. He travels a lot with polo and he’s very busy. He’s just kind of adjusting right now, I think. But, you know, he is excited.”

Will Southern Charm viewers see the progress of Kathryn Calhoun Dennis’ pregnancy and the birth, along with how Thomas Ravenel deals with it and whether they get back together yet again, on a third season? In an interview with Hilton Head Monthly, posted about two weeks ago, Kathryn and Thomas’ co-star Shep Rose revealed that there is nothing official about a third season yet. He said that he couldn’t really speak on the rumors that a third season is not happening.

“Not really. There are some talks underway, but nothing definitive.”

Perhaps the baby news will prompt the show’s producers and Bravo to get the third season underway?

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after the season 2 reunion show aired, Shep Rose said that Kathryn Calhoun Dennis’ relationship with Thomas Ravenel really is as crazy as shown on Southern Charm. Shep had some fun with the official announcement that the couple are having another child.


[Photo by Robin Marchant / Getty Images]