Porsche Announces New 911 For 2016, And Turbo Is Now Standard

Porsche has announced new 2016 versions of the 911 Carrera and Carrera S, and for the first time, turbo engines will be standard, reports Auto Express. Since 1975, the 911 Turbo has been a standalone model and the most luxurious 911 on the market. Porsche will continue to produce a high-end 911 Turbo, But from 2016 the entry level model Carrera and Carrera S will be turbocharged.

The change has led to a decrease of 0.2 seconds in 0-60 mph acceleration but an increase in top speed to 191 mph, with Porsche claiming the new 911 is capable of taking a full six seconds off the current 911’s time to get around the Nürburgring,

Both new Porsche models will be fitted with 3.0 litre flat six engines that offer 365 bhp in the Carrera and 414 bhp in the Carrera S. This works out at an increase of 20 hp to 370 hp and 420 hp for the Carrera and Carrera S respectively, according to Bold Ride.

A seven-speed manual dual-clutch transmission is standard on both, as is rear wheel steering, which reduces the 911 turning radius and enhances stability when reaching top speed. Porsche’s Active Suspension Management system will be standard as well for the first time and fitted to all models.

Aesthetic changes to the body and form of the 2016 Porsche 911 are subtle, which should please fans — lower front air intakes, a more sculpted front spoiler and tail lights more in line with the tail-end of the Porsche Macan. Rear air intakes behind the rear window are blacked out, a design nod to the Porsche 911s of the 1970s and 1980s. The Carrera S will offer an option of sports exhaust that moves the exhaust pipes to the center of the rear bumper.

The new Porsche 911 will be available with the optional Sport Chrono package, a four-mode switch rotary knob on the steering wheel, which takes inspiration from the 918 hypercar. The feature enables 911 drivers to customize their own vehicle setup, adjusting Porsche’s Active Suspension Management, PDK transmission, and sports exhaust.

A “Sport Response” button is also new, which prepares the 911 for 20 seconds of maximum acceleration by selecting the optimum gear and adjusting engine management for increased responsiveness.

The cabin features a new infotainment system called Porsche Communications Management with seven-inch display supporting multi-touch gesture capability, handwriting recognition for input, Apple CarPlay, Google Earth, and Google Street View.

The new 911 will arrive on U.S. shores next March with prices starting at $89,400 for the Carrera and $103,400 for the Carrera S.

[Image via Porsche]