Ashley Graham Stuns In Lingerie On New York Catwalk, Size 16 Model Declares, ‘I Am Size Sexy’ [Pictures]

Ashley Graham sauntered down the catwalk at the New York fashion week in lacy lingerie on Tuesday night, stunning the crowd with her outfits.

The plus-size supermodel, who is a size 16, wore an array of sexy ensembles during her appearance at the event, as she displayed her own lingerie line to the gathered masses.

Joined by an array of other models, each of whom showcased their elegant curves on the runway, Ashley Graham proved that sexy comes in all shapes and sizes. You can check out some pictures of Ashley Graham as she modelled her items below.

After her appearance, a clearly overjoyed Graham took to her Instagram account to write, “What an amazing experience!! All the girls looked amazing. I hope you were able to watch the show live on Periscope!! Thank you to everyone who was involved behind the stage as well! We rocked it! #IAmSizeSexy.”

Graham, 28, was joined by an array of other models on the catwalk too. These included, Denise Bidot, Marquita Pring, Eva Kay, and Katy Symeski, each of whom have also taken to their Instagram accounts to post various pictures from their endeavors at the event, while there were several other models who featured too. You can also visit Addition Elle to see behind the scenes footage too.

You can watch the models strutting their stuff in the videos in the tweets below:

What an incredible show full of beautiful models and great clothes! Well done @AdditionElle @theashleygraham✌️

— Felicity Hayward (@ASOS_felicity) September 15, 2015

On Monday, Ashley Graham also traveled to Times Square to lend her support to the #PlusIsEqual campaign, which she is working in conjunction with Lane Bryan on.

Speaking to the Huffington Post about the campaign, Graham explained, “[This is an] amazing, all-inclusive, high-end fashion campaign. Everyone deserves to see themselves being represented equally. #PlusIsEqual is showing that curvy women are accepted, they’re represented and being made a priority in the fashion industry.”

Graham continued, “We definitely still have more progress to make, but campaigns like this and #IAmSizeSexy are raising awareness for body diversity and continuing these great conversations.”

[Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images]