Lily Allen On ‘Media Smears,’ Says ‘I’ll Prove You Wrong’

“Smile” singer Lily Allen is not smiling today after stories emerged in numerous outlets claiming that Lily’s life was “out of control” after she split with her management team. The Mirror reported that Allen split with her managers, Scott Rodger and Henry Village, after just less than a year working together. They reported that a source close to Lily has claimed Allen’s life was spiraling out of control and her marriage was on the rocks.

“Lily’s life is spiraling out of control. Everyone is incredibly worried but she just won’t listen. He [Scott] is one of the most in-demand managers in the world. He tried hard with Lily but her attitude was all wrong and her new music isn’t up to scratch.”

The Belfast Telegraph reports that a source told the Sun that Allen was depending on Scott to turn her career around after her last album bombed. They also claim that Allen’s spending is out of control; Lily is reportedly spending $50,000 a month on designer labels alone. They claim that Lily’s level of spending is simply unsustainable. Allen’s representatives confirmed that she has split with her management but refused to comment on personal matters.

The Daily Mail reports that Allen has used social media to hit back at media speculation that she is out of control. Lily took to Twitter to tell her 5.5 million followers that she was “not entertaining the absolute rubbish the papers are smearing me with.”

Lily added, “[R]est assured, I am fine, very in control of my life.”

Lily also indicated that she had new music on the way.


Lily followed up that message by saying that the harder she was pushed the “more determined” to prove everyone wrong.


Over the past weekend, Lily was performing at the “Bestival” music festival on the Isle of Wight. Lily was reported to be in great spirits. The 30-year-old mother of two performed a DJ set wearing just a hockey jersey and platform boots.

Lily has been married to builder Sam Cooper for four years, and stories that her marriage is in trouble have been doing the rounds for some months. Lily has also stirred up controversy over the summer months after she seized and burned a fan’s anti-Kanye West flag at Glastonbury. Lily was also treated by medics after she was found unconscious during the iconic music festival.

[Photo by Pierre Villard/SBM/PLS Pool/Getty Images]