Artist Paints Portrait Of Donald Trump With Her Own Menstrual Blood, Proceeds To Support Immigrants

An artist from Portland, Oregon, found an interesting way to express her disdain for Donald Trump’s “sexist” comments about Megyn Kelly and menstruation. Artist Sarah Levy created a portrait of the presidential hopeful using nothing but her own menstrual blood. Levy says she created the piece of work with a tampon and paintbrush. As a further blow to Trump’s controversial statements, Levy says she will be donating all proceeds from the menstrual blood Trump portrait to an immigrants’ rights organization.

The Daily Mail reports that the Portland artist, Sarah Levy, was outraged by statements made by presidential hopeful Donald Trump regarding Megyn Kelly.

The statements came after Trump said Kelly was exceptionally hard on him during a presidential debate and said, “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.”

The implication to Levy was that Trump was calling Kelly out for moody behavior due to menstruation. Therefore, she felt the statement was sexist and decided to create a piece of art that would tackle the topic. Levy says she got the idea to create the blood portrait when she was on the last day of her menstrual cycle and that “it just made so much sense.”

“It just made so much sense. It was outrageous to me that someone running for president of the United States of America — not just some small-state governor or a random rich guy, but president – could say what he did and still be in the race.”

According to USA Today, Levy says she collected her menstrual blood in a Diva Cup, a product inserted like a tampon that collects blood and is reusable, and then painted the portrait with a standard tampon and paintbrush. She says that painting with her menstrual blood was just like using watercolors and that she highly recommends it.

She goes on further to say that Trump needs to be “shut up and deflated” for his comments.

“I think Trump does need to be shut up and deflated, and any way I can help do that – like inverting his sexist comments into menstrual art – is something I’m going to do.”

Levy is going even further to show her disdain for Trump and his policies by donating all proceeds from the menstrual blood portrait to an immigrants’ rights organization.

What do you think about the Portland artist’s Donald Trump menstrual blood portrait? Do you think Donald Trump is sexist?

[Image Credit: Facebook/ Getty Images/ David Becker]