4-Year-Old Brody’s Act Of Faith Goes Viral [Photo]

A photo showing the moment that 4-year-old Brody, a little boy in Northern California, took a moment to pray for firefighters battling the devastating conflagration in Northern California has gone viral online after it was uploaded to Facebook.

Thousands on social media are sharing the moment of Brody’s touching and simple act of faith.

KGO-TV reports that when Brody saw reports of the heartbreaking devastation caused by the ravaging inferno that has displaced more than 13,000 people, he fetched his firefighter’s outfit — his Halloween costume from last year — bowed his head and said a prayer for more than 2,500 firefighters battling the Valley Fire ravaging parts of Northern California.

Within 24 hours after it was uploaded to KGO-TV’s Facebook page on September 14, the photo had received about 10,500 shares, 42,000 likes, and 1,000 comments.

By September 16, it had received more than 25,000 shares and 64,000 likes.

Little Brody Prays For Firefighters

Comments on Facebook in response to the photo have been overwhelmingly positive.

“Child like faith can move mountains.”

“How wonderful, prayer changes things.”

“Let’s all join Brody in praying for the firefighters and all those affected by the fires.”

“Sending prayers along with Brody’s for all our firefighters and those affected by the fires.”

“What a sweet boy… already knows he should put his trust in God.”

“Precious! God bless him and all firefighters.”

“Thank you Brody for helping to keep by son Lori Adams safe.”

“I’m with you Brody! Lord I pray for the safety of the firefighters as they work to do your will. Help all those displaced from their homes. Bring these fires to an end! In Jesus name. Amen!”

The fire, which has engulfed more than 67,000 acres, destroying homes in Napa, Sonoma, and Lake counties, is being described as one of the worst fires in the history of California.

According to KGO-TV, Middle Town and Hidden Valley Lake are among the worst affected, and Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency in Lake and Napa counties.

Several people remain unaccounted for, and in a particularly tragic incident, an elderly and disabled woman, who was unable to leave her home, died in the fire.

Although county deputies received via phone call a request to evacuate the elderly woman in Hot Springs on Saturday at about 7:12 p.m., they were unable to reach the house because the area was engulfed in flames.

When deputies finally reached house they found it gutted by fire. They also found the woman’s remains in the house.

[Image: Facebook / ABC7 News]