Kim Richards, ‘Real Housewives’ Star, Sentenced To Community Labor, AA, & Probation But Seeking Drugs? [Video]

Kim Richards may need to make some dramatic changes in her life. The former Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills reality TV star has received a sentence that includes community labor, AA sessions, and a probation period as a result of an incident at the Beverly Hills Hotel that resulted in charges ranging from public intoxication to resisting arrest. And that plea deal comes just as Kim was spotted allegedly trying to purchase Xanax drugs at a smoke shop, reported the Daily Mail.

In all, Richards must fulfill 30 days of community labor, participate in 52 AA classes, and go through three years of probation. In addition, Kim has to remain a minimum of 100 yards from the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The sentence shows that Richards’ attorney’s previous request for community service rather than labor was not fulfilled. That request was made because Kim reportedly had injured her foot and thus said she could not perform tasks such as picking up trash from the freeway.

Prior to the sentence, Richards has had some rocky times. After the incident at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Kim ended up in jail. Richards subsequently visited Dr. Phil’s talk show, where she confessed that she had not maintained her sobriety.

Richards then entered rehab for a while, but exited soon after to go to a wedding for daughter Brooke Brinson, where she lost her sobriety again. After that, Kim headed back to rehab.

But the road got even rockier when Richards was arrested last month for allegedly going to a Southern California Target Store and stealing merchandise worth about $600.

No longer on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Kim now has plenty of time to fulfill that sentence involving AA classes and community labor, but can Richards stay sober?

After Kim left rehab, she was seen in smoke shops, where in one Richards sought Xanax on several occasions, reported TMZ.

Although the prescription medication is not sold there, Kim allegedly revealed that she had been told by a relative that she would be able to buy the drugs there. And when she was declined, Richards reportedly tried a different smoke shop on at least one instance.

According to the report, Kim claimed to need Xanax because she had hurt her foot, although the drug is typically prescribed for anxiety.

Richards previously had confessed on her Dr. Phil show appearance that she had sipped vodka and taken unprescribed pain pills, reported Us Weekly.

During that episode, Kim’s conversation with her son Chad was captured.

“You haven’t been sober,” said Chad. “You’re taking pills. You do this every once in a while, you smoke pot.”

Richards admitted that he was right.

“Every once in a while….” said Kim.

[Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for ‘bethenny’]