TNA News: Jeff Jarrett Out For Real As Minority Owner Of TNA Wrestling

Current owner of Global Force Wrestling and TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett has been in the news a lot as of late. He finally was able to ink a television deal, but not domestically. Rather, it was an international deal in the UK. It is a big deal, but one that only one small area in the world cared about. GFW still needs an American deal to help open up deals everywhere else.

Jarrett was called up by TNA Wrestling a few months back. At the time, it made sense to think that Jarrett would never come back to TNA. However, when TNA could not work out a deal with Ring of Honor to do an invasion angle of sorts, it became apparent that Jarrett could offer some possibilities with his new GFW promotion. So TNA made a deal with Jarrett. No one knew at the time, however, that this deal would eventually lead to Jarrett’s minority stock in the company going away.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Jeff Jarrett was always supposed to give up his minority ownership with TNA Wrestling. This was a behind-the-scenes thing that was going to happen regardless of what happened in the TNA vs GFW rivalry.

The deal was made that if Jarrett gave it up, TNA would allow Jarrett to use TNA talent for GFW events, and he would be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. On top of this, there is something else added that is supposed to be announced at a later date. Jarrett was smart to sell his minority stock to Dixie Carter and Panda Energy. They are not the only owners of the company, which allows Jeff to be removed from any personal debt that TNA will find itself in.

It also allows Jarrett to put his TNA life behind and just work on Global Force Wrestling. There is no telling what the future of TNA holds, but it does not look good. GFW is just now getting going. It is good for Jarrett to work with TNA for now, as it allows GFW to get publicity from the Destination America network, which will hopefully help GFW as it goes on the road for live events and help them as they work to get an American TV deal.

At the end of the day, it seemed everyone knew that Jeff Jarrett would eventually sell his minority ownership in TNA. This deal that he made with TNA as he did was perfect business for all involved. Regardless of where the rivalry with TNA and GFW goes, GFW did at least get some good publicity from it all — and talent. So, there is nothing bad for Jarrett in this deal.

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