Powerball Winning Numbers September 16: Watch $185 Mil Jackpot Drawing Live Online

The Powerball jackpot for September 16 is a whopping $185 million. If you match the winning numbers drawn on Wednesday night you will become the lottery’s newest mega-millionaire.

Watch the Powerball drawing live at 10:59 p.m. ET on one of these TV stations, online on WRAL or with the free LotteryHub app for the iPhone or Android mobile devices.

The Powerball winning numbers for September 16 are: 5-7-24-31-39 PB 7

There hasn’t been a jackpot winner since August 1 when one ticket holder in California won $110 million. Although no one has matched all six numbers in the last 12 drawings, there are thousands of lottery players who are winning non-jackpot prizes.

According to Powerball, more than 593,000 people won almost $6.3 million non-jackpot prizes in the last drawing on September 12, including two ticket holders in California who won $1 million each for matching all five white balls (no Powerball).

Non-jackpot prizes start at $4 (match just the Powerball) to $1 million (match 5 white balls).

There a eight different prizes in addition to the grand prize — how much you win depends on how many numbers you match. Lottery players who spend an extra $1 for the Powerplay option have the opportunity to multiply the amount of their non-jackpot prize by up to 5 times the amount.

The odds that someone will win the $185 million jackpot on Wednesday night are slim — 1 in 175,223,510. According to NBC, you have a better chance of getting attacked by a shark (1 in 11.5 million) or dropping dead after getting struck by lightning (1 in 134,906).

If you beat the odds and win tonight’s jackpot, you will have to decide if you want your windfall in one check or in 30 yearly installments.

According to USA Mega, the lump sum payment is based on the cash value of the $185,000,000 jackpot, which is currently $116,800,000. After federal taxes are withheld from the check, the winner would receive approximately $87,600,000. If you live in a state that taxes lottery winnings, the state will collect taxes on the prize before the check is cut.

Prefer getting your money over time? The 30-year annuity is based on the full jackpot amount, with an annual payout of approximately $6,166,667 per year before taxes.

Powerball tickets are $2 each and can be purchased in 44 states; Washington, D.C.; Puerto Rico; and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Most lottery agents stop selling tickets approximately one hour before the winning numbers are drawn at 10:59 p.m. ET. every Wednesday and Saturday.

[Image: Scott Olson/Getty Images]