'Why You Always Lying' Full Video Goes Viral — But Is 10-Second Snippet Funnier? [Video]

Disclaimer: All videos may contain explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

The viral video snippet — "Why You Always Lying" from YouTube user Nicholas Fraser — has gone viral for the past week. However, he released the full-length video yesterday. What do you think?

As of today, the YouTube user's snippet has accumulated 2.3 million views for the 10-second, "Why You Always Lying" video. Likewise, the full-length video has accumulated nearly 450,000 views within one day.

In an article from Complex, it notes as follows.

"Nobody likes a liar. They know they're lying, you know they're lying, but they still lie. You met Drake? Word? You smoked a blunt with Wiz? But doesn't he only smoke papers? You got them new Js? Where they at? Why are you always lying?"
It's similar to what Nicholas, also known as Downgoes Fraser, mentioned in the beginning of the song. Since its viral skyrocketing, as can be expected, other users have uploaded reaction videos to the site as well.

However, for the past week, the snippet has been the highlight of several memes on Facebook, Vine, Twitter and Instagram — even alternate versions of the song. This video happens to be in Chinese.

One person made a "Why You Always Crying" version, including another child in the back. The video can be seen below. Via Facebook, the video has grossed over 5 million views.


When Downgoes Fraser created "Why You Always Lying," he probably didn't expect it to get as much attention as it did. As it appears, like one of the videos above, several countries have done "foreign versions" of the 10-second meme.

Even Goku, from Dragonball Z, has joined in the viral fun.
And it all stemmed from the original 10-second viral video seen below.
But where did Downgoes Fraser get the foundation of his idea? It came from the "old school" group Next. The song is called "Too Close."
According to Complex, the song was rated number 23 in "50 Best R&B Songs of the 90s." Fraser's video is a hilarious take on the group's song. Via his Vine page, he has had over 33 million loops on that specific video. However, overall, he's had over 112 million video loops.

What do you think about Nicholas Fraser's viral videos? Have you gotten tired of "Why You Always Lying" yet? Have you made your own version of the song?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Video Credits: YouTube/Facebook; Photo Credits: Instagram]