October 27, 2015
'Dilbert' Creator Scott Adams Predicts Landslide Victory For President Donald Trump

Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip, is 98 percent certain that Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination and go on to be elected president by a large margin in the November 2016 general election.

He even drew a parallel between Trump's tactics and those according to Adams of the Founding Fathers and Jesus.

In a series of blog articles, Adams writes that Trump has skills that no other candidate in either party possesses. According to Adams, Trump is a 3-D chess master (while everyone else is playing at best 2-D) who is also a master of negotiation, persuasion, and of the "linguistic kill shot."

Departing from his primary message on illegal immigration and the economy, the current GOP front-runner is giving a foreign policy-related speech tonight aboard the USS Iowa in San Pedro, California. Tomorrow evening, he and 10 other Republican hopefuls will debate at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California, an event to be telecast on CNN.

The Dilbert cartoonist isn't a fan of Trump's policies, only in the way he sells them in an initially off-putting arrogant New York style, and at one point referred to the brash real estate mogul and ex-reality TV star as a "clown genius." Adams doesn't support the Democrats either.

Discussing his Trump presidency prediction in one blog post, Scott Adams admitted that he is up against the conventional wisdom.

"...I believe I am alone in that prediction, at least among the talking-head/pundit/writer set. I realize that a healthy chunk of voters think he can go all the way. But the smart professionals almost universally expect him to flame out...My predictions are based on my unique view into Trump's toolbox of persuasion. I believe those tools are invisible to almost everyone but trained hypnotists and people that study the science of persuasion..."
Adams also apparently thinks that Mark Cuban, the billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner, Shark Tank star, Sharknado 3 POTUS, and sometime Trump frenemy, could be a viable vice president on the Trump ticket. In July, Cuban praised Trump for fundamentally shaking up politics as usual. As unlikely as it is, complicating a Trump-Cuban political merger, however, is that Cuban boasted this week that he could beat either Hillary Clinton or Trump in an election matchup.

In a Daily Beast interview, Scott Adams further expounded on his prediction of Donald Trump's impending electoral success.

"This has nothing to do with any logic. But history has turned on a few people—like the Founding Fathers and Jesus Christ come to mind—who used the same tricks: They describe to people a better vision of themselves. And Trump fits into that [model] in the most direct way you could possibly do. He's saying, 'You're an American, I'm going to make you feel great.' The reason I believe [Trump will win] is because I see Trump employing a series of linguistic maneuvers that display such a high level of talent in that area that nobody sees it coming. Also there's a whole lot of lucky circumstances that position him as the luckiest player on a chessboard that looks like it was designed for Trump to win...I would point out that if you were to combine the TV shows Shark Tank, The Apprentice, and Judge Judy, you would have formed an entire functioning government."
In early August, the satirist claimed that Hillary Clinton had a 95 percent chance of becoming president unless she stumbled and gave an opening for Donald Trump, which he evidently believes has now occurred.

Do you think the prediction by Scott Adams that Donald Trump will decisively win the presidency has validity?

[Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images News]