Rihanna Unfollows Fans Who Hate On Travis Scott, Fuels Dating Rumors Despite Single Claims

Rihanna may have seemingly shut down rumors of her budding romance with Travis Scott by claiming that she’s single in an Instagram post, but it appears the songstress is only fueling the dating reports by blocking those on Twitter who criticize their friendship.

Rumors of Rihanna and Scott’s romance were ignited earlier this month after Rihanna was spotted attending Travis’ NYC concert four nights in a row before “making out” with the rapper during her NYFW party last week.

Soon after rumors of a Rihanna and Scott romance made headlines, sources close to Rihanna confirmed their relationship to E! News, even claiming that the couple are already getting serious.

“Travis and Rihanna are dating, officially. It’s already very serious. He’s very into her.”

The source further explains that Travis may be “the keeper” for Rihanna, noting that Rih is hoping that their friendship evolves into something bigger.

“Rihanna likes Travis a lot and hopes it develops into something more. All of her friends think he is gonna be the keeper. Travis is completely her type and they share the same interests.”

Despite the dating claims, Rihanna seemingly put the rumors to a halt after she took to Instagram over the weekend to share a post about being “single.”

Rihanna’s post from September 13 reads, “‘Omg why are you single?’ – cos I’m a c***.”

While Rihanna appeared to deny the rumors, fans haven taken to Twitter to point out that Rihanna has actually blocked them for trash talking the “Rodeo” rapper, further fueling rumors that suggest she and Scott are an item.

One fan writes, “the navy were screaming ‘Nicki unfollowing y’all for not liking her boyfriend’ but look at this. Rihanna hit that unfollow button quick af.”

Another alleges, “Rihanna woke up this morning like ‘Lemme see who’s asking for R8’ *unfollow* *unfollow* *unfollow*???”

Sources close to Rihanna explain to Urban Islandz that Rihanna is fed up with the negativity surrounding her dating life.

“These lame a** so called fans were getting too boisterous and calling her names and dissing Travis Scott for no reason,” the source explains.

“They have no idea what they are talking about and have no respect for people, they should just mind their own business and let other people live their life.”

Similarly, a separate Rihanna source alleges that despite the ongoing speculation surrounding Rih and Scott’s romance, the duo really is not dating.

“At the end of the day it’s her personal life so she can live it however she wants but she is a single woman for sure.”

The source concludes, “They are just two close friends having a darn good time and I don’t see anything wrong with that. The rumors get old sometimes but it’s not something she will address because like I said it’s her personal life.”

What do you think of Rihanna and Travis Scott’s rumored romance?

[Image Credit: Getty Images / Samir Hussein / Bryan Bedder]