Stella Maxwell Zooms In On Exposed Chest In New Instagram Video

Stella Maxwell shared a new selfie video, and it's taking her fans by storm. The short clip has been viewed over 47,000 times in the first hour since it was posted, with plenty of people leaving nice compliments for the model.

The video showed Stella rocking a plunging swimsuit. It was black with white trim on the bottom. She wore her hair down in a heavy right part while wearing peach-colored eyeshadow and light lipstick.

Behind her, you could see the edge of a set where there was a photo shoot going on. She then zoomed in on the camera, showing off her exposed chest. Cameras were flashing in the background, and Maxwell added an upbeat song to the clip.

"No wonder why you are a Victoria's Secret model/angel Looking on fleek as always x," said a fan.

"You are beautiful, hot, smart & strong my Angel that nobody makes you feel otherwise," added a follower.

"Moon walking to this dope beat btw love," noted an Instagram user.

"Thank you so much for this," said another fan.

Stella mixes things up on her Instagram by sharing personal and professional photos. The last time she shared the latter, was in late July. The photo showed Stella in a red dress, as she posed outside on a rooftop patio.

The update was liked more than 59,000 times.

The dress that Maxwell wore featured a bright, floral print with red and pink flowers. It had a high slit down the front and short sleeves.

Stella posed against the clear balcony wall, placing her left arm alongside it. She tilted her head back and to the left while popping her right knee up.

The captions revealed that the photo was for The Kooples, as she rocked a white purse by the brand. The bag featured a "v" shaped hardware in the front, and she clipped it around her waist.

Fans couldn't seem to get enough of the model.

"Beautiful and lovely adorable and sexy," said a fan.

"Didnt know you were my age. 90's kids/babies. Slim n sexy," exclaimed a follower.

"Beautiful summer dress Stella you look lovely," said an Instagram fan.

Others seemed to be completely taken by Stella and confessed how they made her feel.

"You make me light up d*m good feeling babe," said an adoring fan.

"There is no one who is more beautiful than you. I'm so in love with you, Stella," added a follower.