Prince Charles Insists Kate Middleton Only Has Female Bodyguards Because Of Princess Diana [Rumor]

Kate Middleton only has female bodyguards reportedly at the insistence of Prince Charles, who is scared that the Duchess Of Cambridge could fall for a male bodyguard just like Princess Diana allegedly did.

An insider from Scotland Yard's royal protection unit has allegedly told the Express, via Movie News Guide, about Prince Charles' choice.

The source explained, "From the start, when Kate became engaged, it was Charles who made the woman-only stipulation, saying he didn't want her compromised in any way."

Kate Middleton's main security and protection officer is 43-year-old Sgt. Emma Probert, who has protected the Duchess Of Cambridge since she became engaged to Prince William in 2010. When Sgt. Probert has time off, she is then replaced by Karen Llewellyn, while a female security officer looks after both Prince George and Princess Charlotte too.

Ken Wharfe, who previously worked as Princess Diana's former bodyguard, admitted that he wasn't surprised to learn that Charles was so involved in the hiring of Kate Middleton's security team.

"I've heard that Prince Charles is more involved in who is being appointed," Wharfe added. "And if he asks for more women he will get more women. The trouble with Diana was she got on better with me. She did have a woman once but she didn't last long. You have to have a good chemistry with the person you're looking after."

The Express went on to allege that Prince Diana became very close to Barry Mannakee, her former bodyguard.

The publication even quoted the Princess of Wales as saying about Mannakee, "I was only happy when he was around. I should never have played with fire and I got burnt."

It has previously been alleged that Mannakee become too close to Diana during their time together. Barry Mannakee, who was also married, was ultimately removed from Princess Diana's security team at the behest of Prince Charles. Then, just eight months later, he died in a motorcycle accident on May 14, 1987.

Princess Diana also died in an automobile accident, after the car she was traveling in crashed in Paris on August 31, 1997. Princess Diana's car was being driven by Henri Paul through the Pont de l'Alma road tunnel in Paris, who then crashed the vehicle, leading to the deaths of Diana and fellow passenger Dodi Fayed, while bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones was the only survivor.

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