Stuart Horner Rooftop Protest: Convicted Killer’s Protest Of Prison Conditions Moves Into Third Day, Locals Gather To Party

Convicted killer Stuart Horner is staging a rooftop protest atop HM Prison Manchester over conditions in the Victorian jail, also known as Strangeways.

In 2012, 35-year-old Stuart Horner was given life in prison — without the possibility of parole for until 27 years had been served — for the 2011 death of his uncle, Ian Taylor. The Daily Mail reports that after a family altercation, Horner shot his 44-year-old uncle with a shotgun.

Horner’s rooftop protest, which began around 3:30 p.m. local time Sunday, has entered its third day today (September 15), and while prison officials attempt to talk Horner down from his perch on the roof with the help of a fire brigade cherry picker, crowds of revellers have gathered on the ground to drink beer, play music, set off fireworks, and shout their encouragement to Horner.

Sunday afternoon, Horner managed to escape prison guards and climbed onto the rooftop of HMP Manchester, where he began his protest by stripping down to his Manchester United underwear.

This morning, Horner donned a worn out blue t-shirt with a hastily scrawled message on it for Prime Minister David Cameron.

“It’s not 1990. Tell the government we’ve all had enough. Sort the whole system.”

Stuart Horner Rooftop Protest: Convicted Killer's Protest Of Prison Conditions Moves Into Third Day, Locals Gather To Party

While officials attempt to gain control of Stuart Horner’s protest, the Ministry of Justice has confirmed that 93 inmates are being moved to other parts of the prison, as well as an entire wing being closed, over concerns that they may be injured during Horner’s protest. Throughout the last three days, the convicted killer has caused thousands of dollars of damage to the prison by tearing up metal sheeting, smashing in skylights on the prison rooftop, and damaging CCTV cameras.

From his perch on the Strangeways rooftop, Horner has been yelling down to the growing crowd of onlookers and media personnel, saying that he only slept an hour last night, and that “the adrenaline keeps you awake,” reports the New York Daily News.


“As soon as you sleep, they come and wake you up. As soon as you sleep, they come and wake you up. I’m doing this on behalf of everyone here. Sort the jail out. I’m sick of it here. I want to change prison history.”

Horner’s mother, Susan, spoke to the Daily Mirror about her son’s protest.

“He did say a few weeks ago there was going to be a riot because of how things were inside. I know he’s done wrong but surely he shouldn’t be locked up 23 hours a day.”

For the time being, prison officials say, it is too dangerous to attempt to snatch the murderer from his perch on the roof and that Stuart Horner’s rooftop protest will likely come to an end only when Horner chooses to come down.

[Image Credits: Header — New York Daily News, Body — Daily Mail]