Holly Deveaux To Play Casey Anthony In Lifetime Movie

holly deveaux

Imperfect Justice, the new Lifetime movie about the Casey Anthony trial, has already secured Rob Lowe to play prosecutor Jeff Ashley, and now the network has announced that it has found its Casey. Holly Deveaux, a 19-year-old actress from Canada, will be play Anthony in the new movie.

Holly Deveaux doesn’t have too many acting credits to her name (she started acting in 2009 and landed a starring role in the Canadian series Baxter in 2010) but she does have a striking resemblance to Casey Anthony. According to the Daily Mail, Deveaux beat out Kristen Stewart, Alyssa Milano and Jennifer Love Hewitt for the part.

Despite playing the case’s most famous character, Deveaux’s role in “Imperfect Justice” will actually be pretty limited. The movie will focus more on the attorneys in the case (Rob Lowe and Elizabeth Mitchell are set to play the prosecutors and Oscar Nunez will play defense attorney Jose Baez) and will use plenty of news video to give the movie a documentary feel.

Alison Cross, the scribe behind the movie, told the Orlando Sentinel that the movie isn’t trying to change people’s minds about Casey Anthony. Cross said:

“It’s not our intention to make a movie that tries Casey Anthony for the third time…. She (has already been) tried in court and she was tried by public opinion.”

Many people still believe that Anthony, who was acquitted of killing her toddler last July, should have been found guilty.

Holly Deveaux

Are you going to watch “Imperfect Justice?” Filming on the new movie reportedly started today. A release date has not been set.