'RHOC' Star Meghan King Edmonds 'Believed' Brooks Ayers Had Cancer

Lindsay Cronin

RHOC star Meghan King Edmonds believed her co-star on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Brooks Ayers, had cancer -- at least at first. While the RHOC star has since been extremely vocal about her doubts in Ayers' diagnosis, even claiming she simply doesn't believe he has cancer, she was once convinced he did.

On September 14, the RHOC star spoke of the issue in her Bravo blog.

"I want to address The Cancer. I want to start by saying that I truly believed Brooks had cancer and I was truly concerned for his health and treatment options. Once inconsistencies with Brooks and Vicki's story started adding up and when Vicki got immensely defensive and attacked me for unrelated topics, I began to find The Cancer suspicious."

During last night's episode, the RHOC star searched online for information regarding both Ayers, and his cancer, and even reached out to his ex-girlfriend "to find out more information." After the episode aired, the RHOC star admitted she went too far.

"Did I go too far? Yes. I should have let it go. I am embarrassed that I dug so deeply. I didn't trust Brooks or Vicki and I wanted to find an answer, but the way I went about it was wrong."
"It is offensive to me that someone (Brooks) is potentially exploiting this platform for the sake of themselves and not the cause."

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