Kim Davis Latest News: Federal Law On Gay Marriage Rights Trumps Religious Beliefs In Polls

Concerning Kim Davis, the latest news is that the polls agree what she did was wrong. Denying marriage licenses to gay couples is now illegal under federal law, and the Kentucky county clerk stood by her religious beliefs in spite of it.

After the recent arrest and court hearings, Davis has agreed to leave the door open for her deputies to issue the licenses as long as her name is not on them. According to CNN, this is the basis behind why Carmen and Shannon Wampler-Collins successfully left the Kentucky court with a legal marriage license.

Kim still won’t issue marriage licenses to gay couples herself, though, and she can’t believe the court is considering them legal documents without her signature.

“(A U.S. District Judge) indicated last week that he was willing to accept altered marriage licenses even though he was not certain of their validity. I, too, have great doubts whether the license issued under these conditions are even valid.”

This doesn’t seem to bother the Kentucky court, though, as marriage licenses issued without Kim Davis’ signature will still be considered valid, said Governor Steve Beshear on Monday.

“I’m… confident and satisfied that the licenses that were issued last week (and) this morning (without Davis’ signature) substantially comply with the law in Kentucky. And they’re going to be recognized as valid in the Commonwealth.”

According to ABC News, a recent poll shows 74 percent of readers agree that personal beliefs are irrelevant when up against federal law. Equal rights mean that nobody is favored over anyone else, for religious or any other reason. Sixty-three percent claim that Davis should be required to issue the licenses, something she is still refusing to do for gay couples. Luckily for the LGBT community in Rowan County, her signature isn’t required to make the documents legal.


Davis’ attorney, Harry Mihet, even gave her an honor rivaling Caitlyn Jenner for her refusal to sign for gay couples.

“Today, Kim Davis remains the bravest woman in America. She has not compromised her conscience, she has not compromised her faith and she has not quit serving the people of Rowan County that she loves very much.”

Caitlyn Jenner had been given the Arthur Ashe Award for bravery for her decision to transition from her life as a man in full view of the public, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Do you think Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis should be commended for bravery, or forced to issue the licenses anyway?

[Image via Ty Wright / Getty Images]