North Korea Nuclear War Threats Issued, Rogue Nation Restarts Nuclear Bomb Fuel Plant Production

North Korea has resumed operations at its nuclear bomb fuel plants. The reclusive nation announced on Tuesday that atomic bomb fuel producing activities are being conducted in an effort to ready its nuclear weapons for use against the United States.

The state media of North Korea announced that the nuclear bomb fuel plant production will help the nation defend itself against America and other "hostile forces." The official media release also stated that leaders are "fully ready" to launch nuclear weapons against its enemies, USA Today reports.

What would it take for North Korea to use the nuclear bomb fuel now being produced? According to the state media, a situation where the United States or other enemies "persistently seek their reckless hostile policy towards the [North] and behave mischievously."

The plutonium and "highly enriched uranium facilities" previously located at the primary Nyongbyon nuclear plant complex have been "rearranged, changed or readjusted and they started normal operation," the North Korea state media release goes on to note, according to CNN.

The shocking notice about a nuclear North Korea comes on the heels of a Monday warning from Pyongyang. The earlier release maintains the country is preparing to launch satellites that the West considers long-range missiles on a "banned" list. The launch will reportedly occur on the backs of long-range rockets during an event to celebrate the anniversary of the Communist Party next month. The Workers' Party 70th anniversary is on October 10.

The National Aerospace Development Administration director in North Korea told the Korean Central News Agency that scientists are nearing the final development phase of an earth observation satellite, which will be used for "weather forecasts" purposes.

Officials in South Korea responded to the nuclear bomb fuel plant productions and missile launch news on Tuesday morning. The Defense Ministry said the nation would consider such a rocket launch as both a "serious provocation" and a military threat, which would also be a violation of U.N. resolutions.

"South Korea and the United States are jointly watching for all possibilities with regard to North Korea's [potential] long-range missile launch," according to the news agency.

"So far, no particular signs have been seen," defense ministry representative Kim Min-seok said.

Do you think North Korea could start a nuclear war or World War 3?

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