Houston School Bus ‘Nosedive’ Crash At 50 MPH: Live Updates Of Furr High School Bus Crash — One HISD Student Dead [Video]

There was a deadly school bus crash in Houston, Texas, with KTRK providing live video updates of the school bus crash. The school bus was headed to Furr High School, and should have been at the school by now, but unfortunately, there was an accident. Shortly after 7 a.m. Central Time, some sort of accident caused the bus to crash over the Southloop overpass, rolling down, falling onto the eastbound feeder at Telephone Road. KTRK reports that one student was killed in the tragic accident.

Update: REACH Charter High School students were reportedly also on the school bus, which may have contained only four students at the time of the crash — and the student who lost her life was female, but her name hasn’t been released. The HISD hashtag has begun trending on Twitter.

The latest updates can also be found via a search for “school bus Houston” on Twitter, which show many different vantage points of the accident. The south loop is now completely blocked off in the eastbound direction of 610. The westbound lanes are still open. The school bus crash has already caused delays, as well as guard-rail damage — so authorities don’t want drivers endangering themselves by driving nearby the deadly school bus crash. Gaper delays and rubbernecking also occurred from drivers wondering what happened to cause the tragic bus crash. The school bus literally dove off the freeway, according to witnesses who say it seems as though the school bus just drove off the highway at approximately 50 miles per hour, going nose first. It is unknown if the driver suffered some sort of medical condition that caused the bus to be driven off the freeway in a horrific manner.

Two lanes have been blocked off. Authorities are shutting the South Loop down currently as they investigate the accident. The fatality of the student was confirmed by authorities. The Houston Chronicle also confirms the death of an HISD student in the school bus crash. Four students and the school bus driver were reportedly rushed to the hospital, and their condition is unknown as of this time. It has not yet been confirmed that the student who was killed was a Furr High School student.


On Twitter, mangled photos of the bus crash can be seen, showing just how tragic the bus crash was on Tuesday, September 15.

The bus crash scene showed the bus door laying on top of the HISD school bus, with shattered glass and shards of metal everywhere. Worried parents have been calling news stations who want more information about the HISD school bus crash. There’s plenty of concern, and this tragic HISD school bus crash will likely renew the debate on making seat belts mandatory on school buses.

[Image via Twitter]