Australian Bride Almost Run Down By Enraged Drunken Wedding Guest

Drunken wedding guests committing party fouls have been around probably as long as the wedding receptions where the drunken wedding party fouls take place.

Wedding guests that over-do it might throw up in a planter, stumbl, and end up in a heap with grandma on the dance floor, or slur and stumble through their attempt at a toast to the bride and groom.

But a drunk man/wedding guest in Australia has taken the party foul to a whole new level, criminal even, after jumping into a car drunk and attempting to run over some fellow wedding guests, then almost running down the bride with the car, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

The wedding was unfolding in an otherwise lovely manner at Harrington Grove Country Club in Sydney, Australia, the bride, Tenille Bradley, and her brand new husband, Adam Bradley, celebrating their nuptials on a glorious Saturday night.

But around 9:30, a conversation went sideways when an allegedly drunk 55-year-old man got into an argument with some the wedding’s other guests, the man’s booze fueled rage reaching such a pitch that he decided to jump into his Mazda 3 automobile and try to run the people down, according to police.

Whether or not the disgruntled wedding guest’s being drunk was a factor in his missing the two people he was trying to run down is unknown. But the fact that the man did miss them apparently made him all the more angry in his drunken rage as he threw the car into reverse and careened backward toward “numerous patrons, including the bride,” according to police.

One of the bride’s more heroic wedding guests tried to yank the enraged drunk wedding guest’s keys out of the Mazda’s ignition as the drunk man initiated the reverse attack, and though unsuccessful, perhaps the key-ripping man was a factor in the mad drunk’s missing both the bride and the other wedding guests, and ultimately no one was struck by the angry drunk man.

ABC reports that wedding photographer, Warren Donovan, watched the drunken wedding rage incident ignite and catch fire, the drunk wedding guest first becoming agitated with some people, then hopping into Mazda 3 and peeling out toward them, just missing.

“I was shooting [the wedding] and we all dived into the garden,” Donovan told ABC. “It was crazy… Luckily he hit no one.”

Donovan also added that he believed the drunk man that almost ran over the bride was a “partner or friend of a relative of the couple.”

While the shocked wedding guests shook off the bizarre and potentially tragic episode, the drunk man that had just almost killed the bride, apparently took off on foot from the wedding celebration.


Police found a few hours later, walking up a highway at midnight.

A search revealed the man, who may or may not have still been drunk, was in possession of some marijuana.

As for his drunk stunt of trying run down the other wedding guests and bride, the man was hit with charges of driving in a dangerous manner, menacing driving and disqualified driving.

In the end, the only thing that may have protected against the angry drunk man trying to mow people down at the country club wedding would’ve been a valet. But fortunately, a drunk wedding guest trying to run over the other wedding guests and bride is a very rare party foul indeed.

[Image via Tenille Bradley, Facebook]