Delta State University Active Shooter Victim Identified — Second Professor As Person Of Interest In Alleged ‘Love Triangle’?

Inside of an office in Jobe Hall, approximately around 10:30 a.m., the shooter fired a bullet into Schmidt’s head and it was the cause of death. This was determined by Bolivar County Deputy Coroner Murray Roark, as reported by WREG 3 – Memphis.

Mississippi Highway Patrol has identified a suspect in the shooting, who is also a suspect of another murder earlier this morning in Gautier, Mississippi. According to WLBT-3, police are searching for 45-year-old Shannon Lamb. Dr. Lamb is the suspect in a murder investigation involving a female victim, presumed to be his girlfriend.

Authorities say that Lamb fled the scene and drove to Delta State University some 300 miles away.

Ten minutes after the shooting, the school sent out a notice via Twitter, letting the students know there was an active shooter on campus.

Immediately, Delta State went into lockdown mode. Via Twitter, the university kept the students and faculty members aware of the situation.

However, the suspect is still on the loose.

University Relations Vice President Michelle Roberts, in the above interview, stated as follows.

“We want to say a special thanks to all of the law enforcement officials. As you’ve seen on our campus, they’ve come out from every aspect of this state – state, city and county. We really appreciate everything they are doing to apprehend the person of interest, and we feel very confident with the work that they are doing.”

However, while authorities are attempting to keep the situation contained, several others have taken to social media to share videos and photos they’ve captured. And others offered their speculations on the situation. Many presume that the shooting was the result of a “love triangle.” In contrast, that is speculation and not verified.

According to WREG 3 – Memphis, an 18-year-old student gave his account of the Delta State University chaos. Noah Joyner stated as follows.


“There were like people banging on the doors to have somebody let them in. It was pretty terrifying to hear people banging on the door.”

From online videos, you can see that tactical units are on the scene attempting to de-escalate the situation as efficiently as possible.

Press releases from the university state that all students, staff, and faculty not in dormitories or locked rooms were being evacuated to Walter Sillers Coliseum on the north side of Delta State’s campus. Since the advent of the active shooter, all classes have been canceled for the rest of the day and night, as well as for tomorrow.

The university will be offering counselling sessions for any student, staff, or faculty member on September 15, 2015 starting at 10 a.m. Other universities are also involved as well.

What do you think about the situation? Is it a love triangle gone wrong? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.

[Video Credits: YouTube/Twitter ; Photo Credits: Alex Wong/Getty Images Sport]