Bonnets: What’s Behind The New Trend Of Wearing The Old-Style Hats?

Bonnets originated in Scotland, and many years later, they are making a comeback. The famous label Vaquera has brought out the sweet memories of childhood by presenting the models for its last fall 2015 runway shows in the same bonnets as were worn by Little Red Riding Hood. Traditionally, bonnets are headwear accessories worn without a brim.

Bonnets are being declared the new rage, reports Paper, and the hottest trend for this fall. The bonnet trend gained in popularity after Lauren Alice, famously known as the Instagram It Girl, posted her nude clique drinking almond milk and wearing a bonnet. A stuffed pilgrim doll wearing a bonnet captioned “B**** stole my look” was posted later by an LA actress, which led to the revival of the trend. The huge social media coverage of the bonnet look has added to the hype.

Princess Charlotte even made the news for the bonnet on her head being worn backwards.

Lily-Rose Depp, the daughter of the talented Johnny Depp and the new face of Chanel, has also been photographed sporting a large-brimmed bonnet. In addition, Sussi Suss, the “coolest person in the room,” has also opted for bonnets.

Another name in the bonnets list is Arielle Chiara, who posed in a face-shielding black bonnet while the trendsetter DiCaprio opted for tinted yellow colors and a corset-style top in bonnets. A few weeks ago, Molly Soda used the hashtag “#bonnetcore” when she posted a selfie in a bonnet, as reported by Pop Sugar. She later posed with Zoe Ligon in their self-designed polka dotted and white paper-white bonnets. They motivated viewers to “BYOBonnet” as people usually imitate the celebrity looks posted recently on Instagram. Ligon also wrote on Instagram in favor of the trend.

“The future is #bonnetcore.”

Nicopanda’s also featured a man in a baby pink bonnet on Instagram. The collection is not yet open for orders but has made quite an immense impression.

Bonnets are continuously gaining popularity as a trendy option in the list of fashion accessories. The choices for bonnets are endless. However, the top style picks include Amish-style bonnet, Addy’s bonnet, high-fashion bonnets, Victorian straw bonnets, and adult bonnets. Different ePortals like Nicopanda,, eBay, and others offer bonnets in various colors, styles, and prices.

Summer in particular is considered as the ideal season to wear bonnets. Bonnets are designed to cater to both adults and babies. In other words, bonnets are an all-around fashion for all ages. Finally, #LittleHouseOnThePrairieCore comes into style. Bonnets are ahead of a trend. The declaration of the rising bonnet trend by celebrities and stars is indeed an indication that the Brooklyn culture is becoming a fashion statement.

[Image via Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment]