Kim Zolciak Could Lose One Daughter: Emancipation On The Way?

Kim Zolciak is back on Don’t Be Tardy, and this season of the show proves to be an emotional rollercoaster. Zolciak and Kroy Biermann were facing a possible relocation, as he was a free agent. He had been playing for the Atlanta Falcons since they met, but his contract was up and it was possible that the entire family could face a relocation. And Kim’s children were not pleased.

Of course, Kim Zolciak wants her entire family together all the time, which was tough for Brielle Biermann. Brielle is dating a guy named Slade, and the two seemed to have fun together. But she wasn’t keen on leaving him behind. But shockingly enough, Brielle isn’t Zolciak’s biggest concern. Her second daughter, Ariana, could be thinking about leaving the family behind.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Kim Zolciak could be facing some emotional times ahead if her daughter decides to go forward with an emancipation. On Sunday’s episode of Don’t Be Tardy, Ariana dropped the bombshell on Kim Zolciak. It is possible that she was kidding to scare Zolciak, but it is possible that she wants to leave earlier rather than later. Maybe she wants to move out as soon as she graduates high school.

Why is Kim’s daughter planning on leaving her family behind? Zolciak and Kroy are supposedly too strict, and they don’t let her do what she wants. She claims that Kim is often forbidding her to go out to the movies with her friends, and she is forced to help care for her four younger siblings. And while helping around the home isn’t a bad thing, Kim Zolciak could have her strategies.

While Kim’s daughter wants to go out with friends, Zolciak does believe that she could be sneaking out to see boys. As Kim once revealed, Ariana loves boys and has done so since she started school.

“She LOVES boys. I feel like Kroy and I definitely have to stay on top of Ariana,” Zolciak previously explained.

But out of Ariana and Brielle, Kim and Kroy believe their “smart” and “mature” daughter could be just fine on her own. If Zolciak allows her daughter more freedom as she becomes older, it is possible that she won’t go forward with the emancipation.

And these days, Kim has something else to worry about. She is competing on Dancing with the Stars and could be focusing on winning, not packing up her daughter’s things.

What do you think of Ariana’s arguments in regards to Kim Zolciak being too strict?

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