Romechia Simms: Mom Found Pushing Dead Son On Park Swing Charged With Manslaughter

The Maryland mom who was found pushing her dead son on a swing in a park has been charged with manslaughter and child abuse. Romechia Simms, 24, was arraigned in Charles County on Monday morning.

Law enforcement investigators say that Romechia Simms played with her 3-year-old son, Ji’Aire Donnell Lee, in the swing at the playground during the morning hours on May 20 — and left him there for two days. Simms was seen still pushing the her dead son’s body two days later, the Blaze reports.

A Maryland medical examiner ruled that Ji’Aire Lee died of dehydration and low body temperature, the New York Daily News reports. Relatives of Simms reportedly stated that she was suffering from a mental illness.

The 3-year-old boy was alive when his mother put him into the swing at the playground, the medical examiner also reportedly determined. After the child died, the mom just kept pushing him in the swing, prosecutors said after the death was ruled a homicide.

Investigators also stated that Romechia Simms and her son went to the park around 11:15 a.m. on May 20 and did not leave until a police officer arrived on the scene. There were no obvious signs of trauma to the boy’s body, police reports indicate.

Simms was reportedly hospitalized for four days once she was removed from the park by the police. The Maryland mom allegedly suffered from both bipolar disorder and depression. The family says that Simms suffered a mental breakdown three months before taking her son to the park. The relatives also feel that she suffered a psychotic episode and did not know what she was doing at the park or that her son had died.

Ji’Aire Lee was laid to rest on June 5. During the funeral services, Simms and the boy’s father were reportedly seen holding hands and singing “This Little Light of Mine.”

Romechia Simms wrote this about her son in the funeral service program.

“Son, the joy you brought to my life is unexplainable. I miss you so much Ji’Aire, way more than I could possibly express through words. I am slowly accepting your passing. I want you to know that I have always been extremely proud of you, and I love you until the end of time.”

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