WWE News: Huge Backstage Update On Charlotte Vs. Nikki Bella On ‘WWE RAW’

Tonight’s WWE RAW is advertised as the season premiere. Therefore, the WWE is planning on a big night, with marquee matchups throughout the card. Tonight is also important due to the return of Monday Night Football. Once again, WWE’s flagship show will have bigger competition for the ratings. Thus, the competition must get a big fight from the WWE.

There’s no word currently if Sting will appear on tonight’s program, even after last week’s antics involving Seth Rollins and the statue. Tonight’s episode will focus on the Divas Revolution and Nikki Bella’s quest to break AJ Lee’s record for longest-Divas title reign. If she makes it past tonight, then the record will be hers.

A lot of speculation has surrounded Bella’s title reign. Most of it is coming from her boyfriend, John Cena, having rumored-influence on her reign altogether. Whether that is true or not, Bella is facing criticism from the WWE Universe. This next news tip isn’t going to help her stock to the critics.

According to Dave Meltzer and Ringside News, if Nikki Bella wins tonight, it may have something to do with backstage politics.

“According to Dave Meltzer, WWE has been going back and forth on who is going to win the match between the two. Meltzer says anything can happen tonight but if Charlotte doesn’t win, it’s probably because of the influence of Nikki’s boyfriend John Cena.

That is what he was told.”

Bella already silenced the haters when she put on social media that Cena has nothing to do with her push. Foreshadowing is tough to pinpoint accurately, but Nikki Bella’s Twitter is giving clues that her Divas championship reign isn’t going to last much longer.

Despite WWE fans not enjoying the Divas Revolution, tonight’s Divas title match is all they are talking about. That’s accurate for a couple of reasons. One, not many folks want her to beat AJ Lee’s record. Two, Charlotte has a chance to be Divas champion. When she does become the champ, many storylines are open for sale. The Divas Revolution isn’t dead.

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