‘Umbrella Dad’ Wins The Internet With 3.2 Million Views For Shielding His Son From The Rain [Photos]

In a world where bad news often makes the front page, the story about the so-called “umbrella dad” who got soaked in the rain to keep his son dry, as reported by Today,‎ is pretty heartwarming. Of course, leave it to Reddit to break the news about the “umbrella dad” in a post that was named simply “Dads,” which pointed to an image on Imgur that has received more than 3.2 million views and more than 500 comments.


In the photo that has gone viral, the “umbrella dad” can be seen enduring the worst of a rainstorm in order to keep his son dry. His son, who appears to be anywhere from 3 to 5-years-old, carries a backpack with a lion drawing on it as his white shirt appears dry. It’s one of those simple sacrifices the “umbrella dad” made that is resonating across the web. The unknown dad who used his umbrella for his son instead of himself is also receiving praise.

Others think they’ve come up with a smarter way for “umbrella dad” to save himself from getting soaked.

“Give the umbrella to the kid. Hold the kid. Problem solved.”

The comebacks to that comment are priceless.

“Dad holds the briefcase and the umbrella, kids carries dad. Problem Solved.”

Some of those solutions, however, seem to come from folks who’ve never heaved a kid block after block and endured the fun some toddlers have swinging an umbrella around dangerously. It seems “umbrella dad” was willing to go the extra wet mile in order to help his boy stay dry and to keep control of the umbrella. Kids have been known to toss umbrellas aside in order to catch raindrops on their tongues and other such fun fare.

Some commentators on Reddit are turning on their funny bones to express the warm feelings that the photo of the “umbrella dad” evokes.

“My dad did not sign the permission slip for this feels trip.”

Either way, the Interwebs have fallen in love with umbrella dad and his act of selfless devotion, reports i100.co.uk‎, in spite of other ways that seemingly “smarter” folks feel the “umbrella dad” could’ve kept both him and his son dry. Plenty of parents can empathize with the sacrifice displayed by “umbrella dad” in the viral pic.

“Sometimes my son likes to walk beside me and not be carried. He wants to be like daddy. If it makes him happy I’ll take a nature shower.”

[Image via Imgur]