Louisiana Interstate Shooting: One Killed In Louisiana I-10 Shooting Over Weekend

A deadly Louisiana interstate shooting killed one man after a bullet struck his car on Sunday.

According to Fox News, Herbert Williams, 25, of Baker was shot and killed after his vehicle was struck on Interstate 10 while he was driving through Baton Rouge. The car was hit by a passing vehicle around 4:15 a.m., Baton Rouge police say. There were three other occupants in the car during the Louisiana interstate shooting, but no one else was injured.

Williams died at the hospital as a result of his gunshot wounds.

NBC News narrows down the report further, stating that the shooting occurred near the Mississippi River Bridge. The report also states that an email received from Don Coppola of the Baton Rouge Police Department indicates that this sniper attack might have been “deliberate.”

“The shooting is not believed to be random,” he explained.

The Daily Mail adds that the exact location of the shooting was on the 200 block of East I-10.

Anyone with information leading police to a suspect is urged to call the Violent Crimes Unit on 225-389-4869.

As of now, police don’t have a suspect or a lead in the case. A motive for the shooting isn’t known, but investigators are looking into the matter.

A rash of highway shootings has started bombarding some of the nation’s highways. It started with random shootings in Michigan on I-94 and I-69 over a two-week span between July and August. Soon thereafter, a string of Phoenix shootings took place along I-10. Up to 12 incidents occurred, with just one person being injured in the process — a 13-year-old girl who was hit by debris. Fortunately, it wasn’t life-threatening.

Investigators are deeming all of this “domestic terrorism.” Police have no suspects in the case, and motives are unknown. A large task force is trying to determine the origin of the alarming attacks and how to track down the criminals.

In some of the instances, investigators couldn’t confirm that bullets hit the vehicles. Instead, they insist on calling these objects “projectiles.”

The latest occurrence in the news regarding the sniper attacks is an arrest made of three “copycat” shooters in Phoenix on I-17. Another Inquisitr said police arrested suspects in the attacks that happened as recently as Thursday. It was determined, however, that the teenagers they caught were throwing stones, not firing bullets.

Hopefully, police will be able to track down those responsible for the latest Louisiana interstate shootings.

[Photo by Jeff Topping/Getty Images]