Allegedly Handsy DJ Sues Taylor Swift For False Accusations

Taylor Swift is definitely at the top of her game, as her musical career continues to soar. Some controversy regarding an awkward moment backstage with a popular DJ has led to a lawsuit. The DJ was fired from his highly paid position due to the incident, and is now suing Swift for lost wages.

As far as we can tell, it’s a classic he-said-she-said scenario. DJ David Mueller, known to his Denver radio followers as “Jackson,” of the “Ryno and Jackson” morning show on KYGO, was attending a backstage meet and greet with Taylor Swift, as part of his radio personality duties. His girlfriend, Shannon Melcher, accompanied him to meet Swift.

According to CNN, the incident took place in 2013. The DJ, Melcher, and Swift snuggled up together for a photo shoot. After the photograph was taken, Taylor Swift accused the DJ of lifting her “skirt with his hands and grabbed her bottom.” A related report in the Inquisitr reports that Swift’s security team promptly escorted the couple from the property.

The DJ denies any wrongdoing, stating specifically that he did not touch Miss Swift in an inappropriate manner. He has met many celebrities over his 20-year radio career, such as Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, Heidi Klum, Fergie, and Jennifer Lopez with never a mishap. The DJ is suing Taylor Swift for lost wages of $150,000 a year.

The lawsuit claims that the allegations from Swift are false, and the DJ in fact had no real opportunity to grope Taylor, even if he’d wished to touch her.

“The contention that Mr. Mueller lifted up Ms. Swift’s skirt and grabbed her bottom, while standing with his girlfriend, in front of Ms. Swift’s photographer and Ms. Swift’s highly trained security personnel, during a company sponsored, VIP, backstage meet-and-greet, is nonsense, particularly given that Ms. Swift’s skirt is in place and is not being lifted by Mr. Mueller’s hand in the photograph.”

However, Hollywood Life reports that evidence of the incident had been submitted to KYGO, which resulted in the firing of the DJ.

“… the radio station was given evidence immediately after the incident. They made their independent decision.”

Do you think the DJ groped Taylor Swift? Do you think the decision to sue Swift was smart or not?

[Image credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images]