Sasha Lane’s Age: Is ‘American Honey’ Actress And Shia LaBeouf’s New Live-In Love Only 19 Years Old?

Shia LaBeouf is one fascinating man. If Shia’s not waxing nostalgically and honestly about the average size of his manhood, or speaking of being assaulted during a performance art piece, or being watched ad nauseam repeating “Just do it!” in a motivational YouTube video, he’s making other news. As reported by Page Six, Shia had a fight in public with Mia Goth, an actress, and endured a break-up. Now, Shia has moved in with Sasha Lane, an actress who appears younger than the 29-year-old LeBeouf.

Although Sasha is said to be LaBeouf’s co-star, Lane isn’t listed in the movie American Honey with LaBeouf — at least, not on the full list of cast on the movie’s IMDB page. According to Page Six, Lane was broke prior to being cast in American Honey. Sasha and Shia are in love, claims a source who said the duo met during the filming of American Honey.

“They fell in love, and have moved in together. Sasha was completely unknown. She’s also become best friends with Riley Keough [an American Honey co-star]. Riley’s been taking her to fashion shows in Paris. She is going to be a huge star.”

Indeed, in the publicity photos from Splash News, Sasha looks as young as the American Honey teenaged girl at the heart of the story. And while there are actresses named Asha Lane and Sasha Lance on IMDb, no page for Lane yet exists. Sasha’s age is on the minds of folks who follow LaBeouf, because the video from singer Sia named “Elastic Heart” featuring Shia and Maddie Ziegler courted controversy due to the young age of Maddie.

On Sasha’s Facebook page, the beautiful Lane can be seen in photos hanging out on the beach and displaying her beauty in selfies. Instead of her job being listed as an actress, it says she works as a hostess at “On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina,” and that she went to Frisco Liberty High School and that she lives in McKinney, Texas, but hails from Houston.

There’s no age or birthdate listed on Lane’s Facebook page. On Sasha’s Instagram page, Shia appears, along with plenty of questions from folks asking Lane her age. Some comment that she’s only 19-years-old, but that hasn’t been confirmed by Sasha.

According to Instagram, prom was a mere 74 weeks ago, so the 19 years of age being bandied about may be correct for Lane.

No doubt, Sasha will continue to gain plenty more attention and questions as the release date for American Honey approaches.

[Image by Ernesto Ruscio / Getty Images Entertainment]