WWE News: WWE Officials Removed Terrible Signs From WWE Live Event?

Wrestling fans act differently than other sports enthusiasts. They cheer for beer-drinking antagonists, praise the anti-establishment types, and cheer for a guy wearing a tank top. While the WWE Universe is arguably the greatest group of people on the planet, which is entirely objective, they often choose to support people who don’t deserve it. WWE fans don’t make the best decisions.

That’s not an opinion but rather a statement with common sense and logic. In just the last month, Dean Ambrose was nearly stabbed by a fan who jumped the barricade at a WWE live event. Then, on WWE Raw last week, a fan jumped the barricade and walked alongside Seth Rollins during the main event.

Not to dive into a story about WWE security, but there’s more to the situation when it comes to the WWE Universe’s controversial actions. There’s a rare number of former WWE stars who are “blacklisted.” One of those is Chris Benoit, a former World Heavyweight champion. Without getting into the tragedy surrounding his family, WWE fans are still chanting his name when they are bored at events.

While some may think that is immature and inappropriate, WWE doesn’t take kindly to that act. Unfortunately, the WWE has had its fair share of controversy and tragedy. Just recently, WWE fans decided to show that with signs in the crowd, according to Ringside News.

“Correspondents at WWE’s Live Event in Calgary sent word that signs that read ‘Owen Jumped,’ ‘Hogan Isn’t Racist,’ and ‘Benoit Is Innocent’ had to be removed.

There‘s no word on if the fans responsible were kicked out.”

Nobody was able to obtain pictures of the signs, but having those signs at a WWE event deserves an automatic ejection from the building and a suspension from attending WWE events. Like Benoit, Owen Hart’s case was even more tragic. Thankfully, his legacy is getting remembered with a DVD and a potential induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Speaking of Benoit, his son, David, attended the WWE live event in Calgary. There’s no word on if the WWE is going to sign him, but clearly he’s allowed to be backstage with the WWE stars he grew up with. The WWE didn’t blacklist his son as well because of the father’s actions.

The moral of the story is that signs are a privilege. WWE fans should have the right to make any sign they want. After all, an episode of WWE Raw with thousands of signs brings back the old-school feel of WWE TV. However, if they begin to make signs like “Owen Jumped” and “Benoit’s Innocent,” then perhaps the WWE should reconsider having signs at all.

[Image via wwe.com]