Jack White Branded A ‘Bully A**hole’ By Black Keys Drummer Who Claims The White Stripe Tried To Fight Him

Jack White has been branded a “bully a**hole” by the drummer of the Black Keys, who claims the former White Stripes signer attempted to start a fight with him in a NYC bar.

It’s rare for an actual fight involving genuine fisticuffs to happen between two rock divas in the modern age, mainly because the wanton strumpets are all too busy engaging in all out war and calling one another names on social media to actually contemplate meeting in the flesh and getting physical with a little playful rough and tumble in a bid to resolve their differences.

Yet Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney has accused Jack White of bucking the trend and actually trying to start an old-fashioned brawl when the two hard-rocking gents met for the first time in New York last night (September 13).

Taking, somewhat predictably, to Twitter, to tell the world about the incident, Carney claimed he had never met White before, but his first impressions were far from favorable.

Why? Was White wearing a disagreeable perfume or unfashionable hat? Was the mischievous maverick wearing a pink lycra bodysuit with the words “I hate the Black Keys” emblazoned fiercely across his chest?

Nope! In the words of an upset Carney, White was simply guilty of being a “40-year-old bully” and “trying to fight me.”

“He came to a bar in NYC I go to a lot with a few friends and tried to fight me. I don’t fight and don’t get fighting but he was mad!!!”

The man responsible for the Black Keys beats went on to brand White a “bully a**hole” and also went on to snarl that Jack the lad was “basically Billy Corgan’s dumb a** zero t-shirt.”

It’s not yet known exactly what inspired such incandescent rage, belligerent fury, and verbal vitriol on behalf of the Black Keys stickman, but somewhat bizarrely, Carney also said Jack White is why he plays music in the first place.

“He is why I play music. The bully a**holes who made me feel like nothing. Music was a private non competitive thing.

“Not sure what he’s unhappy with cuz I just liked Zeppelin a lot and wanted to play guitar. Cut my pinky off and ended up being a drummer.

“Not the best drummer but a passionate one. But any way jack white. A 40 year old bully tried to fight the 35 year old nerd.”

Jack White appeared to have a different take on the alleged altercation and in a statement to Entertainment Wise told the Black Keys drummer to stop his whining.

“Nobody tried to fight you, Patrick. Nobody touched you or ‘bullied’ you. You were asked a question you couldn’t answer so you walked away. So quit whining to the Internet and speak face to face like a human being. End of story.”

[Image Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty Images]