Woman Stealing Out Of A Car Does Not Know The Owner Is Making A Video


A woman stealing out of a car was caught unawares when she realized the owner of the car was making a video of the incident. The woman, believed to be Spanish, was caught brazenly going through the contents in the car when she was suddenly confronted by the owner from behind, according to Metro.

To her complete surprise, the stealing woman realized that not only had she been caught stealing by the man, but that he had also recorded the entire incident on his phone. In the video, though the woman can be seen trying to get herself out of the sticky situation by justifying her actions, the man does not have any of it.

It all started when the man returned from a store to find the woman digging through the contents in the front seat of his car. Instead of directly confronting the woman, he takes out his phone and starts making a video. The woman, blissfully unaware that the owner is right behind her, continues to ravage through the contents before turning to leave with several grocery items in her hand. The man confronts her after recording her silently for 40 seconds.

“Yeah let me be the first one to say I should whoop your motherf*****g ass going through my g*****n car. Put my s**t back in my car.”

The woman, though completely taken aback, manages to hold back her surprise at being caught. Signaling the man to follow her, she asks another passing woman to help her explain her side of the story.

“My husband, he broke the window,” she adds in broken English.

The other woman listens attentively to what the stealing woman is trying to say but reminds her that stealing from a car couldn’t possibly have anything to do with her husband breaking a window. As the woman continues to justify her actions, the passing woman begins to confront her more bluntly.

The video, which was uploaded on September 11, has gone viral on social media, with several people arguing that the woman’s attempts at explaining herself could only have been a feeble attempt to make up a story to avoid persecution. Some people, however, have preferred to see the funny side in it.

“The situational awareness is lacking in that woman.”

The owner of the car, however, does not seem to think so. The end of the video sees the man giving the woman his sternest warning yet, adding, “I’m going to call 911.”

[Photo via YouTube]