Two Topless Feminist Protesters Outstay Their Welcome At Muslim Conference On ‘Wife Beating’ And Suffer A Severe Kicking

Two topless feminist protestors who stormed a Muslim conference during a discussion on “wife beating” were dragged unceremoniously off the stage and viciously kicked.

The Muslim conference held northwest of Paris was bum rushed by the two “public enemies” of Islam who strutted on stage, grabbed the mic, punched the air and started shouting.

Obviously this didn’t go down too well with the gathered assembled. The two imams were visibly agitated and in a state of shock at the stage invasion, and deciding that discretion is the better part of valour, opted to retreat with some semblance of dignity intact.

The two unnamed protestors at the event in Pontoise were not so fortunate. Aged 25 and 35, and thought to belong to controversial feminist group Femen, the two ebullient ladies were manhandled by security guards and one was subjected to a vicious kicking by one of the many men angered at the ladies presence.

The bare bodies of the two topless feminist protestors were emblazoned with message scrawled in place marker pens.

The Mirror reports that one of the messages is believed to translate to: “Nobody makes me submit”- a reference to the Islamic idea of “submission.”

Reports claim that the protestors stormed the stage because the two imams were delivering lecture that addressed if Islam’s teachings allowed men to beat their wives or not.

Femen, the group the protestors are thought to represent, began in Ukraine in 2008 and are notorious for their use of nudity in protesting against governments and organisations they disagree with.

The Daily Mail reported that earlier this year in Paris, Femen protesters caused chaos in a Paris ceremony which saw the National Front leader lay a wreath in honour of Joan of Arc.

Femen activists also disrupted a May Day speech by French far-right leader Marine Le Pen by drowning her out with a bullhorn and making Nazi salutes.

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