Harry Styles: Is One Direction Star Tired Of Fame Or Just ‘Tired?’

One Direction star Harry Styles has spent the past five years living his life in the glare of public scrutiny. Since it was revealed that Styles was dating Caroline Flack, a woman almost twice his age, whilst One Direction were appearing on X-Factor, barely a day has passed without the gossip columns speculating on who Harry is dating. Styles has had to contend with hordes of teenage girls camping outside his hotel and even outside his home. Styles can’t go shopping, take his mom to dinner or even go for a walk without being mobbed by fans or paparazzi photographers.

Add to that the fact that Styles has been almost constantly on tour with One Direction since 2011 and it is small wonder that Styles and his band-mates are desperate for a break from it all. Styles and his band-mates could be forgiven if they wanted to withdraw from the public eye altogether. Over the past weekend Harry’s friend and new X-Factor judge Nick Grimshaw has revealed that Harry is “exhausted” by it all.

MTV revealed that Grimshaw told the Guardian that Styles and the other members of One Direction “desperately need some downtime” after five years in the spotlight.

The Mirror report that Grimshaw, who has been a close friend to Styles for years, says that Harry “doesn’t see the world, he just does press in different cities.”

“People think being a pop star is glamorous but it’s exhausting and disorienting at their level. They don’t see the world, they just do press in different cities.”

“They’re men now and they need to experience some actual life. Everyone takes breaks. Katy Perry’s off at the moment. No one’s crying.”

Grimshaw also used his guardian interview to fiercely deny that Harry had any role in his landing the job as X-Factor host. Nick says that “nobody gives you a job because you know Harry Styles; loads of people know him.”

As was reported in Inquisitr Styles has been struck by objects thrown by members of the audience during a number of recent one Direction shows. Earlier this year Harry was struck in the face by a glow-stick thrown from the crowd. In Philadelphia he was again hit in the face when an audience member threw a soda can at him. Finally Styles was hit in the groin by a water bottle thrown from the crowd during one of One Directions final U.S. shows.

Nick Grimshaw may claim that Harry is simply exhausted and in need of long rest, but no-one could blame Styles if he were just sick and tired of life in the spotlight.

[Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images]