‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Episode 4 Sneak Peek: Madison Heads Out Into The Wastelands, Nick Gets Taken

Episode 3 (entitled “The Dog”) of Fear The Walking Dead was a long time coming, with AMC putting the show on hiatus on the Labor Day weekend. However, the episode managed to feed the famished with its blend of action and the inevitable character development. Now lets take a sneak peek in Episode 4 (“Not Fade Away”) of Fear The Walking Dead.

WARNING: This article contains potential spoilers about Episode 4 of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead. Please proceed with caution.

The first sneak peek video we have runs for less than a minute but it is jam packed with information about the upcoming episode of Fear The Walking Dead. This video starts with Daniel Salazar (played by Rubén Blades) warning “If it happens, it will happen quickly.”

As Madison (Kim Dickens) peruses the missing posters, the U.S. Army are announcing “You guys are the lucky ones.” Except, for Walking Dead fans, we know that “lucky” is probably not the best term to use on a captive audience. All it takes is one infected to bite someone, and that secure safe haven becomes a melting pot of walkers.

Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) seems to have made an army friend, and the oppressive fear that AMC is pushing is ominous in this teaser video.

As for Chris Manawa (Lorenzo James Henrie), he seems to want to save the world, insisting there is “someone” outside their military safe haven that needs their help.

Madison, meanwhile, is hiding out behind bloodied cars and glimpsing the infected. It looks like this group of survivors are finally realizing that — as Daniel said at the end of Episode 3 of Fear The Walking Dead — it is already too late.

The Episode 4 teaser video ends with Nick (Frank Dillane) getting knocked out by the military and he appears to be taken away. Could the army have mistaken Nick coming off drugs as one of the infected? It sure looks like it. But, as per usual with AMC’s teaser videos, it could just be very clever editing and fans will have to wait until next Sunday to find out just how the episode unfolds.

You can view the first teaser video for Episode 4 of Fear The Walking Dead below:

The second teaser video expands on some of the points raised by the first video. It seems Madison might have taken Chris’ advice and headed out into the zone outside of their save haven controlled by the military. She is in a deserted area where nothing but corpses lay about her. She gags on the smell before having to hide under a car when a military convoy arrives. Will Madison get discovered? Fans will have to tune in next Sunday to find out!

You can watch the second Fear The Walking Dead teaser video below:

AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead Episode 4 (“Not Fade Away”) will premiere on Sunday, September 20,2015.

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[Image credit: AMC]