WWE News: Backstage Update On Randy Orton And His Status For ‘Night Of Champions’ — Will He Join Ambrose And Reigns?

On last Monday’s RAW, Randy Orton was taken out by the Wyatt Family, which led a lot of people to believe that Orton would end up being Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose’s mystery partner for their upcoming six-man tag-team match at this Sunday’s Night of Champions.

However, in the middle of last week, it was reported that the Wyatt’s attack on Randy Orton was WWE’s way of writing “The Viper” off of television for a short period of time. But now, it’s looking like WWE’s “Apex Predator” may end up being on RAW tonight, and, furthermore, he may end up joining forces with Reigns and Ambrose.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Randy Orton is being advertised for tonight’s RAW, and tomorrow’s SmackDown taping. Metlzer made sure to mention that just because Orton is being advertised for both shows doesn’t mean he’ll appear on television, as he may just end up working dark matches.

“So Randy Orton is booked for Monday and Tuesday, and, I mean, he could just do a dark match on Monday, and Tuesday for that matter. But, generally speaking, [WWE] doesn’t usually do dark matches on Tuesday, and I was told by WWE that Randy Orton was going to be appearing on both shows, in front of the people. So, I guess we’ll find out. But, if Randy Orton is on the show and he’s not injured, he has to be the third guy, because, if not, he’ll look like a coward.”

There have been several other names who have been thrown out there as possible teammates for Reigns and Ambrose — guys like Erick Rowan [who may or may not be ready to return from injury], Jimmy Uso, and, for whatever reason, Kane have all been considered as the third man for Night of Champions.

So, if Randy Orton doesn’t end up appearing on tonight’s RAW, expect either Rowan, the Uso, or Kane to be the third man, unless WWE has a major surprise up their sleeve.

Originally, Reigns and Ambrose’ partner was going to be Sting, but, of course, he’s too busy going after Seth Rollins’ WWE World Heavyweight Championship. But, the idea of having Sting join the two former Shield members came about because, apparently, WWE is interested in having “The Icon” wrestle Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 32, and they wanted the feud to begin there.

As of right now, it seems that Orton will end up being the third man. But, if he’s not, we’ll know who the third man will be tonight, unless WWE is planning on keeping the mystery opponent away until Night of Champions.

[Image via WWE]