Stephanie McMahon Cashes Out Millions In WWE Stock

Greg DeMarco

Wrestling fans are used to Stephanie McMahon making news on-screen, like when she recently launched the "Divas Revolution" by elevating female talent from the NXT developmental brand to the WWE main roster. In fact, a simple return to television from a short hiatus is often treated as major news.

This time, Stephanie McMahon is making news off-screen.

According to blogger Mike Feiman, this comes after WWE stock hit a 12-month high. In the thirty days prior to McMahon's sale, five other high-ranking company executives completed sales of a portion of their stock holdings, and according to Feiman this ranges from five to 40 percent of their individual ownership.

Determining why these moves are made, as Feiman details, is no simple task.

"In some cases, they are simply looking to diversify their portfolios or reduce risk. Costly events such as weddings or college tuition can also drive insider sales. People use automatic buy and sell triggers that go into effect once a stock hits a certain price, which was the cause of some of this selling. That being said, it is worth noting the number of high level executives that all sold significant percentages of their holdings in August."

While Feiman noted that he can easily see Stephanie McMahon's stock sales as being justified, it should be viewed with a cautious eye.

"I don't blame any of them for taking money off the table, especially considering how much the stock has gone up in the past 9 months. Hell, I won't own it at this level. There's way too much risk trying to project the growth of the network. Even so, watching several major insiders dump 30-40% of their holdings at basically the same time doesn't give me warm fuzzies."

At the very least, sales of this nature is a reminder to the average wrestling fan that the WWE is in fact a global media business, not just a frequent dose of sports entertainment.

[Image via WWE]