‘Teen Wolf’ Creator: Tyler Posey To Vacate Lead Role Soon?

Teen Wolf fans saw Tyler Posey and his character come back to life in the mid-season finale of the show. It’s safe to say Posey will make it through the remainder of this season, but will viewers continue to see the Alpha Wolf in future seasons?

Posey may take a back seat in future Teen Wolf seasons, according to a new report by the Hollywood Reporter. That’s the word from the show’s creator – Jeff Davis – as he and his staff prepare for the remainder of the season this winter.

“If it still has life, if there’s still stories to tell, that would be great — [to] see maybe Dylan Sprayberry take over the role of the Teen Wolf and see Tyler Posey move into more of a Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) role.”

A fall from power would certainly explain a previous Inquisitr report about how Tyler Posey saw his character on Teen Wolf. According to Tyler, Scott is in a dark place after the mid-season finale last month.

“He has no idea which way to turn. He doesn’t trust himself, and I love that. I just love Scott being broken down because it’s so unlike him. It’s been one of my favorite things to play this season and throughout the entire series of Teen Wolf. I love bringing Scott down to this low point because it’s so heroic when he comes back, if he comes back, and it’s just really nice to see this strong leader broken down.”

Davis is calling the remainder of the fifth season a resurrection for Tyler, particularly after the Teen Wolf lead’s character died (albeit briefly) in the mid-season finale. What side effects will Posey experience as Scott? The show creator dished to Entertainment Weekly that the whole experience may have an impact on Scott’s future with Teen Wolf, although it’s too soon to tell what they will be.

“We call season 5B a season of resurrection because it’s partly Scott has come back from the dead and he has to bring his pack now back from the dead as well. It’s a question of how does death affect him? Will it change him for the worse, for the better? It’s all about what his mother said at the end, give them hope. So he’s got to find hope again.”

In addition to what side effects Tyler Posey and his character will experience, there is also a question of how torn friends and relationships – especially those with best friend Stiles (Dylan O’Bryan) – will shape in the remainder of this season’s Teen Wolf.

“Scott and Stiles [will also try to] both rebuild their relationships — Stiles and Malia [Shelley Hennig] are essentially broken up, Scott and Kira [Arden Cho] have been torn apart — and we’ll see if they can get back together.”

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[Image by Teen Wolf / Facebook]