Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Dez Bryant Has Broken Bone In Foot – To Miss 4-6 Weeks

The Dallas Cowboys were able to come to a deal with wide receiver Dez Bryant during the preseason, and fans were relieved. Well, they are all holding their breath again as Bryant went to the locker room on Sunday night as the team played the New York Giants. He didn’t go to the locker room once, but twice, and the second time was with a foot injury.

As reported by NBC Sports, Bryant went to the locker room early during Sunday night’s game, and everyone in Dallas immediately got nervous. Come to find out, he was simply dehydrated and just needed to get some fluids.

He returned to the field shortly after leaving it.

It was in the fourth quarter that things got frightening for the coaching staff of the Dallas Cowboys and for all the fans in the stadium. Bryant had not been playing too well during the evening and even dropped a big pass, but fans still have faith.

Dez Bryant headed to the sideline and was said to have a foot injury of some kind that trainers immediately started looking at. They took his shoe off, retaped everything, and attempted to get him to stand on it and see how it felt. It obviously didn’t feel too good for him.

UPDATE #2 – 12:15 a.m.: ESPN Mobile sent out an alert that stated “Cowboys Pro Bowl WR Dez Bryant suffered broken bone in foot vs. Giants; expected to miss 4-6 weeks”

UPDATE #1 – 12:07 a.m.: Bryant was said to not be able to put any weight on the foot as he was leaving the field, and it’s still been just reported as a “foot or ankle injury” per SB Nation after the game which Dallas came back to win 27-26.

He went back to the locker room without about seven minutes left in the fourth quarter and the Dallas Cowboys trailing 23-13. The team advised reporters like Desmond Purnell that Bryant “may return” to the game.

The Cowboys quickly drove down the field for a score and were able to get within three of the Giants at 23-20. From that point, the Giants took over and began running out the clock.

At the time of this writing, the Giants still lead 23-30 with two minutes remaining in the game. The Dallas Cowboys were not playing a great game and it was one filled with mistakes and multiple turnovers.

Losing a player like Dez Bryant hurt them in this game and if he is out for an extended period of time, it could really come back to damage the offense. As the game goes on, more reports are coming in.

The Dallas Cowboys already had some issues on offense going into the season opener with the New York Giants, and most were on offense with the running game. If a player like Dez Bryant is gone with an ankle or foot or any injury for a number of games, then it could spell disaster.

[Image via Getty Images – Ronald Martinez]