Three Brothers Shot Dead After Louisiana Karaoke Sing-Along Goes Awry

The old cautionary saying, “nothing good happens after midnight” reared its ugly head early Sunday morning outside Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when three brothers were all shot down and killed, their shooter then turning the gun on himself and putting an end to his own life.

The man believed to have shot and killed the three brothers, before shooting and killing himself, is 60-year-old Rodney Chemin. The three brothers shot and killed have been identified as 57 year-old Joseph Allen, Perry Allen, 55, and Mark Allen, 51.

The three Allen brothers and Chemin were all found dead in Chemin’s driveway.

The grisly incident unfolded in Chemin’s rural Louisiana driveway following a party that included karaoke music and watching an LSU college football game, reports ABC News.

According to the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement arrived at the shooting scene to find the three brothers already dead in the driveway following an argument that had occurred earlier around 12:30 a.m.

The Allen brothers, Chemin, and others had reportedly been watching some football and listening to music over at their neighbor’s house when an argument over the music turned physically violent and a fight broke out.

Before the violence erupted, the party and get together seemed to be going along well, as those gathered enjoyed watching the Saturday night Louisiana State University football game. But a karaoke style sing-a-long was also reportedly part of the party, and an argument about music is what purportedly led to the physical altercation, according to Jessica and Adrienne Crumholt, daughters of Dwayne Crumholt, at whose home the party was taking place.

Dwayne Crumholt was reportedly the shooter Chemin’s good friend and cousin, with their homes being in close proximity.

The deceased Allen brothers were also close friends with Crumholt according to their brother, with Gregory Allen, Joe Allen, and Crumholt being particularly tight, and the three brothers visited Crumholt’s house almost every weekend.

But, apparently, the connected friendships couldn’t prevent the fight, which ended with Chemin heading home just after midnight.

Apparently the three Allen brothers still felt something had to be worked out, however, and followed Chemin back to his house.

According to the Crumholt sisters, shots rang out 10 minutes later.

The Daily Mail reports that party host Crumholt then went to investigate the shots and found the three dead brothers and Chemin dead as well, in Chemin’s driveway, all his friends.

KPLC-TV reports that friends were shocked by the horrid incident. Chemin was often described as a “good guy,” and neighbor Suzanne Wheeler said, “It just doesn’t make sense. Totally out of character for something like this to happen. He cared about everybody. He would never hurt anybody. He was a good guy, real nice, always helpful.”

Regardless, three brothers and their killer are dead after a party in Louisiana.

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